December 27, 1951

Mavuradonha Mission Station 27th December, 1951 Dear folks, It is time for me to get up to the hospital, but my patients will have to wait.  There are not many.  One has a very badly burned foot.  We get some terrible burn cases. Well, Christmas has come and gone.  I didn’t really go in for […]

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December 9, 1951

Mavuradonha Mission Station P.O. Bindura P/B 16 Southern Rhodesia December 9, 1951 Dear folks, I trust that this gets there in time, as it is my Christmas card to you.  I do wish you all a very happy Christmas and for the New Year much blessing.  I haven’t heard how you are spending Christmas so

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October 30, 1951

Msengedzi October 30, 1951 Dear folks, Here I am in Salisbury.  The wedding is over and tomorrow I’m supposed to be on my way home.  Today I go downtown to shop.  I really don’t have much time for writing so I’ll just dash along with this. The wedding was very nice.  They went to Victoria

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October 3, 1951

October 3, 1951 Msengedzi Dear folks, I’m wondering how you are getting along on your trip.  I’ll be so glad to hear all about it.  I surely hope that you are enjoying yourselves. We’ve been looking and looking for the Brutons but so far they haven’t put in their appearance.  We expected them Monday and

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