October 12, 1951

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Friday nite, October 12th

Dear folks,

Yesterday I received a letter from you from Hartford.  I’m so glad that you were having such a delightful time.  It really must have done you a world of good to see so many places and scenic beauty.  Well, I’m real happy for you.  You must try and go someplace every year.  Well, I suppose Gladys was glad to have you come, too.  I’m sure that it would be nice for her when she so seldom gets to entertain her home folks.

Our folks arrived a week ago tomorrow nite plus a missionary girl, Roberta Fromp from South Africa, who is Wyn’s friend and comes from her home church.  So I’ve really had a housefull all week as they have eaten here.  The Jacksons are all packed and ready to leave on Sunday afternoon as well as Wyn, so it will just be the Brutons and myself after that, but I believe that those girls are on their way or I suppose one of them will be here before long.

We’ve had it very hot all week but today it has been quite comfortable, only 96°.  Two weeks from today I’ll be in Salisbury, I guess, for the wedding.  I’ll probably be there when you get this.  We’ll only stay until Tuesday and then we’ll come back home.  Monday I begin my added work of dispensary, etc.

This week I’ve been in one grand mess, too, as far as my house goes as they thatched the roof with more grass and that made a terrible mess inside.  So we are slowly getting out of that mess.  Of all times for a visitor from Swaziland to come.  Helen Dunkeld has two missionaries visiting her from Swaziland, too: Enid McKinzie and Inger Thompson.  I don’t know if they will be here for the wedding or not.  Well, I believe that this will be all for now and I’ll add more before it goes with Wyn Sunday.  She and Roberta are going on a bus from Mavuradonha into town.

Helen is really going to have work.  The Brutons’ baby is a nice youngster – pleasant, etc.  This heat is hard on them all.

Saturday nite

Here it is very late and I’m very tired as I’ve had lots to do today so I’ll not ramble on long tonite.

The Jacksons leave tomorrow and also Wyn and her friend so after lunch tomorrow everything will be quiet here, and I can’t say that I’m not looking forward to it.

Well, more some other time.  I trust that you are all well.


Eunice’s house at Msengedzi
Russell & Margaret Jackson  family

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