July 1952

July 29, 1952

Mavuradonha July 29, 1952 Dear folks, This evening I got your letter of July 16th, the first that I’ve had for a while so I’ll get busy and answer it. It will be nice if Evelyn can come to visit you and it is swell of Leonard to help paint the house.  I’m sure it […]

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July 23, 1952

Mavuradonha 23rd July Dear folks, I’ve been hoping that the post would come this evening, but so far it hasn’t.  We can’t depend on the bus at all.  Sometimes they bring and more times they don’t.  So we just have to wait until they are so moved to do so. I know of very little

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July 15, 1952

Mavuradonha Mission Station July 15, 1952 Dear folks, Time has gone and I’ve neglected to write to you for quite some time.  I received a letter from you telling about the Blairs’ visit, etc.  I am glad that you got to meet them.  I like them very much.  It was interesting what you mentioned about

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