October 3, 1951

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

October 3, 1951

Dear folks,

I’m wondering how you are getting along on your trip.  I’ll be so glad to hear all about it.  I surely hope that you are enjoying yourselves.

We’ve been looking and looking for the Brutons but so far they haven’t put in their appearance.  We expected them Monday and here it is Wednesday already.  Well, I should know by this time never to expect anyone until you see them down here.

It is very hot now.  Today it was 102° in the shade and hotter days are ahead.  The evenings are such a relief from the terrific sun and its glare and they get quite comfortable.  I suppose that it is very fallish already in Iowa.

We haven’t gotten post yet this week, hoping that it will come with the Brutons.  Here’s hoping that they know where to stop for it.  Our post bag comes to Sipolilo and is left at a native store there to be picked up by our post boy or whoever comes along.

The roof is on the church now but the tower is not finished nor the inside of the church.

The magazines came in the last post which came and we’ve been enjoying them so very much.  Thanks just heaps.  Try and keep all of those Pathfinders.  We like them very much.  I saw some good receipts in some of those magazines which I want to cut out and keep.

News is still scarce.  I finished Wyn’s dress.  She has to put the hem in it yet.  I don’t know if I’m going to be bridesmaid or not as she has a friend in South Africa who plans to come and if so she will be.  She wants me, too, but I’m refusing.  In case the other girl doesn’t come I will, just in case.  I got very good pictures of Lillian’s wedding.  Maybe someday I’ll send some home to you.

Well it is about my bedtime.  I’ll not finish this until tomorrow nite. We’ll send post out with the tsetse fly ranger’s boy Friday.

Thursday Night

Well, Brutons have not come yet.  So we are still waiting.  It has been very hot today again.  106° this afternoon.  News is scarce as I’ve said before.

I shall be interested in hearing from you about your trip, the weather, the corn, etc., etc., etc.  I don’t think that I’ll ramble on longer this time. Perhaps the next time I’ll have something to write about.

Did you ever hear of drying tomatoes?  The natives do it all the time so today I bought some from them and then I also bought some little red ones which they have to sell and I had my girl cut them up and get them ready for drying.  I think that they will be good for soups, etc.  I canned some juice in bottles, too, this week.  Just sealed with cork and wax.  You can stick some wax in sometime when you send a package.  I use candles but I really don’t have any to use.

Love to all,

Church at Msengedzi – being built


Church at Msengedzi – finished
Les and Lillian Austin’s wedding
Leslie and Lillian Austin
Eunice at Lillian’s wedding
Eunice and Wyn, bridesmaids

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