December 9, 1951

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Mavuradonha Mission Station
P.O. Bindura P/B 16
Southern Rhodesia
December 9, 1951

Dear folks,

I trust that this gets there in time, as it is my Christmas card to you.  I do wish you all a very happy Christmas and for the New Year much blessing.  I haven’t heard how you are spending Christmas so it will be interesting to learn.

As you see, I’m moved.  We came up on Thursday of this week.  Inga is still here so I am unable to get settled yet but she will leave this week and so I shall be at it then.  We have had nice drizzly rains the past few nights here and it is so refreshing.  The altitude here is 3,500 feet and at Msengedzi it was 1,000 feet, so it will not get as hot here.  This is where Mary Danielson is but she has gone into Salisbury after Muriel.  She left before we arrived.

Your three packages came before I left Msengedzi.  Orval brought them with them when they came down last week end.  I didn’t read what the contents are.  I never do Christmas peeking.

I don’t suppose that we shall have much of a Christmas in the way of extra specials this year.  I’m not interested in too much work.  I had so much to do at Msengedzi that it will do me good to take it easy.

I won’t hear from you for a while as your letters will have to be re-directed from the Dawson post office and that always takes time in this country.  If you, by any chance, send some post to Darwin, it will reach me but our address is the above now.  The bus comes three times a week if all goes well with it.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to send something home to you for Christmas.  Perhaps I shall try to do so another year.  Let me know all about what you do, get, etc.

I should go to bed now as it is time. I’ve just finished eating mangoes.  They are a fruit that is very stringy but good.  There isn’t much one can do with them except eat them as they are.  They say that the baboons are stealing them now.

Well, the Lord bless you.  I hope that it isn’t too cold.  Yes, it is surely a lot of work, this moving business.  I’ll tell you how I’m set up in my next letter.

Love to all at home on Christmas day,

Dormitories at Mavuradonha
Mary Danielson with her class at Mavuradonha

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