May 16, 1956

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Wednesday May 16

Dear Eunice,

Guess I’ll write you a line tonight even tho’ I haven’t heard from you since I got the letter telling about the dog.  Well they always say no news is good news so I’m hoping that holds true in this case and that you have fully recovered from that awful dog bite.  I remember you spoke about two different conferences coming up so I’m thinking you are busy with that work.  Hope you tell me what they found out about the dog.

Evelyn and Leonard stopped overnight last Friday on their way to Galesburg, Illinois.  They heard of a church down there so they were candidating but I don’t think they were much interested when they once got there.  I think they will appreciate the church they have all the more, but anyway they came back Monday and stayed overnight.  Eve was in hopes we would hear from you while she was here but we didn’t.  Linda stayed with me while they were gone.

Thursday morning

Well I didn’t get very far last night so will finish now.  They are planting corn here so I’ll have two extra for dinner.  Malcolm is planting and Larry and Bill Ernst get the ground ready.  Guess they’ll finish today.  Do wish it would soon warm up; they just about freeze out there in the field.  Has been windy and cold all week, nothing grows very much.  Did I tell you we changed our minds and decided to get some chickens after all?  Well we got 350 pullets last Friday.  They were four weeks old so they are not much trouble.

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day.  Grace and her family were here for dinner.  Now I suppose you wonder what I got so will tell you about my hat first.  Eve forgot her hat so she didn’t want to go down there without a hand and she didn’t want to buy another white hat so I told her to get one and I’d buy it from her so we went over to Charles City on Saturday morning and she got one.  Of course I had to try it on, too.  I wanted to be sure I could wear it.  So she wouldn’t take any more for it; she said that was for Mother’s Day but I gave her eggs and meat when she went so I figured she wasn’t out too much.  Ila sent me such a nice slip.  Kathryn gave me two potted violets and Mary L. a pill box just something to carry in your purse and a plastic jug or something like that to water plants and I guess that’s about all I got besides cards.  Gladys called, tried to get me Sunday evening or night rather but till I got down stairs she was gone so then she called Monday evening.  I forgot Grace gave me an apron.  Gladys said they didn’t have a church yet.  Clarence gets out of school this month.  Guess they are both going to work as long as they can.  She didn’t know when they would come up.

Guess I’ll go with Kathryn to Missionary Circle today so will have to get around and get my work done up so I don’t have so much after dinner.  They put her in for President otherwise she wouldn’t be going so regularly.

The preacher read the letter he got from you, I mean he read it in church.  Of course I had heard about all of it before so I know who it was from before he said.  They are in the midst of redecorating the church instead of paper it will be painted.  They fixed the ceiling different.  Will have to get it done pretty soon for the big wedding June 16.  Patsy Marsh and a fellow from Charles City.

You must tell me about your new church over there.  Was glad that picture arrived in good shape.  Your first shoes should be getting there soon and if you can’t wear the loafers keep them and bring them home for Lois.  That’s another thing – I’m anxious to hear about your furlough.  I think you really need it.  Six years is long enough.  Maybe I’ll hear in the next letter.  Well I must close now.  Trusting you get along O.K. and all danger is past.  We are all well as usual.


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