March 2, 1956

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Chironga Mission Station
P.B. 5, Mt. Darwin
Southern Rhodesia, Africa
2nd March 1956

Dear Gladys, Clarence, and girls,

Probably you are enjoying a bit of spring by this time.  We have had a very rainy month.  I believe that it rained practically every day in February.  We had rain all morning today.  Anyway we can’t complain.  Those days will finish just now as this is March.

Thanks so very much for the gift of $20.00 which you sent to me in December and which I just recently received.  I appreciate so much your remembering me like that and I also appreciate your prayers for me.  I’m sure the Lord blesses you, too, as you give.  I realize that you give as unto Him.

It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote to you, was it?  I had a nice letter from Mary Taylor and lots of pictures of her house which I enjoyed.  I certainly enjoy hearing from the various ones of the family, but of course some never write.  I also had a nice letter from Grace.  The kids were having chicken pox, some real bad.  I remember I had them bad enough.

The people are bringing corn now and it is real good, the kind on the cob, you know.  They also say they have pumpkins now, but, they say, even though they are still green they are good to eat, so I want to get some as I don’t enjoy opening so many tins all the time.  I use dehydrated vegetables.  They come in tins.  You just put boiling water on them and they come out just like fresh ones practically.  I especially like the beans (string) and the peas which are much better than canned ones.

School is going along quite well.  Never having taught or worked in such a school before, I don’t know if it is going along as it should or not.  We are anxious for the school inspector to come around.

Did you hear that they are planning to have the dedication of the church in Mavuradonha in May?  We will have to go over for that.  It will be a big occasion.  It is going to be a nice church when it is finished, but I guess the men won’t be keen to make another one in the cross shape as it causes many problems when it comes to roofing it, especially with grass.

Well, I must get to bed.  I trust that you are all well and taking care of yourselves.  Write when you can, but I know that you are very busy.


Making bricks
Laying out bricks to dry
Bricks here out in the sun drying
Beginning to build the church in Mavuradonha
Building continues on the church

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