December 27, 1951

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Mavuradonha Mission Station
27th December, 1951

Dear folks,

It is time for me to get up to the hospital, but my patients will have to wait.  There are not many.  One has a very badly burned foot.  We get some terrible burn cases.

Well, Christmas has come and gone.  I didn’t really go in for it as I usually do with all the trimmings as I just didn’t have the time.  I hardly got decently settled by the time, but now I’m quite well set-up.  I certainly am glad as it is surely hard work.

Your package was the only one which I’ve gotten so far, but Mary nor the Brutons had received any either, so we were all in the same boat.  I am glad yours came as I especially like that box for Christmas and not afterwards.  Ila’s lovely cookbook to me also came.

Well, I surely thank you for everything. The lovely cherry pictures will have to lay in the drawer awhile as I haven’t a kitchen at present.  Oh, I have one, but you should see it – not exactly the place for such pictures.  I gave Inga half of the pop-corn.  Before she left, I made up a little package for her and I was glad to have pop-corn to give her.  I don’t know what her address will be yet but when I do, it would be nice if you’d send her some corn.  She surely appreciates it as she likes it like we do.

Now, after I had opened all of the packages Christmas Eve, I saw at my feet a slip of paper which said “From Eve and Leonard”.  Now, will you quickly tell me which it was she gave?  I have a feeling that it might have been that luncheon cloth – was it?  That is lovely.  Well everything for that matter is very nice and I enjoy it all.

That towel is surely a long one and so nice.  Here I have a little wash room (bath room) without a bath but I can keep some pretty towels hanging up, etc.  I surely have changed these rooms of Inga’s, so different than what she had them.

Everyone is envious of the cookbook Ila sent me.  Do you use yours?  I bet not.  I’ve already used mine.

The underwear which you sent I really needed and I’m glad that you didn’t send a slip as I don’t need any and won’t for a long time as I’ve three nylon ones plus lots of others.  Well, thank you so very much for everything.  The talc had leaked out over everything.

I made ice cream for Christmas nite with a package – very good.  We had Christmas Eve supper at Brutons’ and Christmas dinner at Mary’s.  New Year’s Eve affair will be here and we are expecting the Jacksons to be with us.

Here we have trees loaded with mangoes.  I can’t tell you what that fruit is like as we have nothing like it in the States, but it is nice and I’ve really eaten them.  We also have prickly pears now, bananas, and pawpaws, so we have lots of fruit.  We’ve been getting good rains along, too, and the weather has been ideal.  Not hot at all these days.  I’ve never had a December like it in Africa.

Did you go to Grace’s for Christmas?  I received your letters from church just a few days before Christmas and I really enjoyed them.  Quite an idea.  Well I must go.  Love to all and thanks heaps.


[p.s.] I’m glad that you have the deep freeze.  That must be lovely.  That place sounds O.K. for it to be in the kitchen.

Paw Paw (papaya) tree
Bananas for sale

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