June 1952

June 25, 1952

Mavuradonha 25th June also 26th, 27th Dear folks, It has been some time since I last wrote.  I believe time goes by so quickly.  I received the letter last nite which you wrote while waiting for the Alabama car to arrive.  You failed to put a P.S. to say if it did or not so […]

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June 15, 1952

Mavuradonha June 15, 1952 Dear folks, I suppose today you have all been recuperating from the big event of yesterday.  I thought about all of you often.  I am very anxious to hear all about it so I hope that you write all of the details.  I’m wondering if my cable gram got there, too. 

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June 1, 1952

Mavuradonha June 1, 1952 Dear Everybody who are home, I imagine that it includes quite a household.  Well, it will be nice to get a letter telling about everyone and also about the wedding.  I trust that the weather is favorable to a large household of people and also for the wedding day. I didn’t

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