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January 30, 1955

Mavuradonha January 30, 1955 Dear Mom, 4:00 p.m. It will soon be time for the meeting.  We always have one on Sunday at four during the school time.  The bell is ringing now, so I’ll not anymore than get started. I received your letter of the 10th yesterday.  I was

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January 24, 1955

24th January, 1954 Dear Mom, I guess it is the 25th now.  I wrote the top last night then decided I’d better get to bed. Today school begins and not all of the pupils are here but quite a few have arrived.  I wish that we still had another week

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January 17, 1955

Mavuradonha 17th January, 1955 Dear Mom, I warn you ahead of time, I’m afraid that this won’t be much of a letter as my head is swimming with the work of the moment here… Teacher’s Institute, which began today and which I’m in charge of.  All last week I worked

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