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June 17, 1955

Friday, 17th June, 1955 Dear Mom, I’ll get this started down here at school.  Norman is going to Darwin today and so he will take the post and also get it. We got a letter by a runner last night from the Blooms who are at the station where I

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June 8, 1955

Mavuradonha 8th June, 1955 Dear Mom, Post is going out tomorrow so I shall try and get a few lines off to you again.  I was so glad to get your letter in the last post.  It was nice that Larry could go on that fishing trip and I suppose

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May 23, 1955

23rd May 1955 Dear Mom, This will be one of those quick letters again as it is late and I’m tired.  I’ve been writing gobs of letters here as I’ve put out another prayer letter.  You know me and that job anyway. Warren is going into Salisbury tomorrow so he

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