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February 21, 1952

Mavuradonha Mission Station P.O. Bindura P/B 16 February 21, 1952 Dear folks, one and all at home, Well, after ages and ages of no post, at last it came.  This noon a white policeman came in a jeep with a bag full for us.  I could have hugged him.  He

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February 7, 1952

February 7, 1952 Dear folks, I’m writing this in a hurry.  We are rained in and that accounts for the fact that I haven’t written any letters in ages, as it seems.  Rivers have flooded and the roads are in terrible condition.  I’m sorry I ever told you that this

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January 11, 1952

Mavuradonha Mission Station P/B 16 Bindura January 11, 1952 Dear folks, Another “rainish” day.  We surely have had the rain this year.  These past two weeks it has rained off and on most of the time.  As I say, everything is lush and drippery.  It is general in Rhodesia and

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