December 2, 1955

Mavuradonha Mission Station P.B. 16, Bindura Southern Rhodesia 2nd of December, 1955 Dear Gladys, Clarence, and girls, This will be just a little letter wishing you all a very happy Christmas season.  Today I got a letter from Mom and she said that she had just heard from you.  You must be kept real busy

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July 7, 1955

Mavuradonha 7th July, 1955 Dear Mom, Believe it or not, it is only about 5:30 p.m., not 10:00 p.m., that I’m getting at this letter.  I’m feeling real pleased with myself, too.  This coming week-end extends to Wednesday as Monday and Tuesdays are holidays.  Rhodes and Founders they are called.  I have a big sewing

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May 23, 1955

23rd May 1955 Dear Mom, This will be one of those quick letters again as it is late and I’m tired.  I’ve been writing gobs of letters here as I’ve put out another prayer letter.  You know me and that job anyway. Warren is going into Salisbury tomorrow so he can take the post with

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May 15, 1955

Salisbury Sunday 15th May 1955 Dear Mom, It has been ever so long since I’ve written, I know.  Well, it has been a busy time and now that things are getting back to normal and before I go home tomorrow, I’ll get this letter written to you. Conference finished last Tuesday morning when the folks

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March 24, 1955

Mavuradonha Mission P.B. 16, Bindura 24th March, 1955 Dear Mom, Thanks so much for the clippings, etc., which came in the last post.  I was glad to get them all.  I agree with you that the obituary was a bit short.  They didn’t go much into detail but I guess it really doesn’t matter but

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March 8, 1955

Mavuradonha8th March, 1955 Dear Mom, I was glad to get your letter of the 20th of February.  I suppose that by now you are looking for spring to descend upon you.  The blizzard days will be about over for this year.  I was surprised to hear that Jim was getting married so quickly.  I suppose

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