October 19, 1951

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

October 19, 1951

Dear folks,

Well, here it is late at night again and time for me to be in bed instead of just starting letters.

The Brutons are going to town tomorrow and will stay until after the wedding.  I’ll go in next Friday; Lillian and Les will be coming after me.  The Jacksons and most of their stuff got off the first of the week and also Wyn, so it has just been the Brutons and me.  I’ve been busy with school and as soon as school is over I go to the dispensary.  Then odds and ends of all sorts to do besides.  So it goes.  I will be alone now these days.  I have plenty to do to get myself ready to go into town, not to say anything about my regular work.

I was disappointed this week when I didn’t get a letter from you or anyone else.  Oh yes, Til’s.  She writes very faithfully.  I suppose this next week there will be a letter from you.

I can’t think to write a decent letter.  It isn’t quite so hot this evening.  There is a fair breeze.

If you write to Ila tell her the shoulder pads, etc., arrived.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I want to can a cooker of beets.  It is so nice to have that cooker.

Well, I really don’t know any news and so I believe that I’ll not write on.  It really isn’t worth all of the money to send it anyway you can’t say that you didn’t get a word from me.  I’m wondering how your weather is, your crops, etc.

Well, good nite.  I’ll write when I’m in town.


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