November 11, 1951

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Msengedzi – Sunday evening
November 11, 1951

Dear folks,

I guess I shall start this tonight and finish it just before post goes, which should be Wednesday.

Well, I’m still alone.  It has been a week now.  I’ll be glad to see someone come.  I don’t relish having no one to talk to but the natives.  Today has been long.  We had a nice service this morning with a goodly number in attendance, but that was over shortly after 11 and I’ve been reading, writing, and everything else to make the time go.  Sundays are the worst to be alone as the native help is not around in the afternoon nor evening as they are during the week.  I’ve had a very good kitchen girl since I’ve been back.  I shall miss her at Mavuradonha.  She is very slow but does her work nicely and I have no trouble with her.

I’m certainly using my radio these days, especially in the evening.  What a blessing the radio has been.  I was disappointed this week not to get a letter from you.  I only got one and that was from Evelyn but I don’t think that all of the post came.  There should be more this week.  Anyway I live in hopes.

I’m so glad for Eve and Len that they have gotten that church.  I trust that he will get on OK.  It must have been very hard to him to do other work than that of preaching when he feels that to be his calling.

That baby that I wrote about the last time is still living but that is about all that I can say.  It sleeps all of the time.  The mother wants to go home and I guess she might as well, as I don’t know what to do and I doubt if there is anything that medicine can do.

News is scarce so I guess I’ll wait and see if anything comes along to write about.  It seems as if it will rain tonite.  Very hot and sticky.  Distant thundering, etc.  It is time for our first rain.

Tuesday p.m.

Well last night about 12 o’clock the Brutons walked in.  They got stuck up the road seven miles and they decided to walk home, not figuring it would be so far.  It seems funny to think that they got stuck when we haven’t had any rain here.  They say that Salisbury has been getting very hard rains all along.  They brought a load of Dunkelds’ things with them.

The native store keeper had a load of supplies come down with him today so we want to send our post bag up with him as we have our post now.  I got a letter from you of October 30.  I’m glad that they have a new picker as that old one had caused your darling boys much grief.  Do tell me how are your little choosy eaters making out these days?  Do they still find enough of food to their liking?  You really are getting spry.  I suppose Ila thinks so, too, when you up and do the windows like that.  More power to you.  I’m sure Lois didn’t mind.  I had a good letter from Mildred Oetken today.  She is as funny as ever.

Tell Harold that it is practice that does it on the typewriter.  Tell that Larry to send some pop-corn out here.  The other nite I found just a tiny bit that I had left which I popped.  It surely is delicious.  No, Wyn and Martin are going to the Everswicks’ station.  Martin has been there since Conference alone.

We are all flat broke out here.  Our money hasn’t come into the bank unless it has since yesterday and it makes it a bit awkward for us being that we have just been in town and run-up some bills.  Our money is usually very prompt in arriving after it is sent.  They do with it like you did that one time, send it through Barclay’s Bank in New York.

We are going to try and get a load of stuff up to Mavuradonha this week.  I got another letter from Aunt Net today.  She and Jack were going out to Ohio to visit her girls.  George is in Pueblo, Colorado, working in an ordnance depot as ammunition inspector.  He has bought a home out there, etc.  She had broken her wrist sometime back.

Well it is time for me to get myself ready for a Bible class, late this afternoon.  Well, I trust that this finds you all well.  I’ve just gotten over a cold which is the first I’ve had since I’ve been back.


Stuck in the mud

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