March 1955

March 24, 1955

Mavuradonha Mission P.B. 16, Bindura 24th March, 1955 Dear Mom, Thanks so much for the clippings, etc., which came in the last post.  I was glad to get them all.  I agree with you that the obituary was a bit short.  They didn’t go much into detail but I guess it really doesn’t matter but […]

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March 8, 1955

Mavuradonha8th March, 1955 Dear Mom, I was glad to get your letter of the 20th of February.  I suppose that by now you are looking for spring to descend upon you.  The blizzard days will be about over for this year.  I was surprised to hear that Jim was getting married so quickly.  I suppose

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March 2, 1955

2nd March 1955 Dear Mom and all, I had hoped that post would come before I wrote this letter but so far it hasn’t.  We have been expecting the Brutons any day for about two weeks now.  What they are doing I can’t imagine.  Anyway, we are sending post out tomorrow. I guess our lovely

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