May 9, 1956

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

9th May, 1956

Dear Mom,

I’ll try and get this letter off before I go home.  We got back from Conference on Tuesday.  Most of them got back on Monday but the Field Committee had to meet on Monday and then some of us had to go see a man on the way home so it was Tuesday evening when I got here.

Conference gave me permission to go home so today Effie and I went down to see about booking.  We think that we will leave Capetown on the 30th of November and we’ll get to England on the 14th of December.  Then we should be able to get a ship shortly thereafter, perhaps the Queen Mary, for the States and it takes about five days across so if everything clicks I should make it home by Christmas but it will be nick and tuck to do it.  So now you can be expecting me.  Effie has to go to Oklahoma.  Maybe someone could meet me in Chicago and drive me home instead of having to take that slow train.

The next day (downtown in the post office).

I couldn’t think straight last night when I was writing so I’ll finish this here.  I was going home today, but Clarence had to stay over a day, so we plan now to leave tomorrow morning.  I haven’t much business downtown today but I had a little.  The Cedarholms came down so I came with them.  We’ll go home at noon.

We had a nice Conference.  It was the first time that I had seen the Kapfundi Station.  The Bible School is located there now and so that is where the Everswicks live.  The Mungers also live there.  The Stroms have had his brother and wife visiting them.  They are on their way to Canada from Japan where they are missionaries.  They are really seeing the world.

The picture is all fixed now.  It looks real nice.  I got a narrow brown frame for it, as that seemed the best kind for the picture.  Warren got the chairs for the church, some real nice ones.  The dedication will be a week from this coming Saturday and Sunday.  Everswicks, Blairs, Mungers, Knapps, Effie, Ruth Ebbern, and we at Chironga will be there.  Also all of the outschools around Mavuradonha and the Christians, the T. T. boys from Chironga and the football team from Kapfundi.  On Friday before they will play football.  Anyway, there will be a large number gathered for the occasion.

I have been away from the station almost a month.  It is a long time.  Today we got the report about the dog which bit me and they said that it didn’t have rabies, so I took the medicine for nothing.  I guess it is better to be safe than sorry.  How could we be sure it didn’t have???

I got your letter when I came back from Conference.  The postmaster in Darwin had sent our mail in here to Salisbury.  So Richard and Mary have a new daughter.  I wonder what her name is.

Well, I’ll be looking forward now to coming home.  I hope that I’ll make it for Christmas, as I won’t be able to stay for the next Christmas, if I’m to get back here in time to teach in January.  I hope that this finds you well.  I’ve had a cold ever since I came to town.  It has been a stinker.  I’ll write a better letter when I get home.


Missionaries at Mavuradonha, 1956

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