October 30, 1951

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

October 30, 1951

Dear folks,

Here I am in Salisbury.  The wedding is over and tomorrow I’m supposed to be on my way home.  Today I go downtown to shop.  I really don’t have much time for writing so I’ll just dash along with this.

The wedding was very nice.  They went to Victoria Falls for a few days.  I wasn’t bridesmaid; her friend from Swaziland filled the bill.  The other two from Swaziland were also present for the wedding.  They left after the wedding on Saturday nite, along with the bridal couple and the Everswicks who have left for the States.  It was a busy day.  We had the wedding at 12 o’clock and then went to the nice hotel for the reception with just the missionary family present.  It was a lovely affair and saved us a lot of work.

The Blairs should be in the States just about now.  Well, yesterday – Monday – we had another Field Committee meeting and it was decided that all of us at Msengedzi be moved to Mavuradonha – the Brutons and myself – and that the Dunkelds go back to Msengedzi and that two of the three girls soon to arrive be put here in the Children’s Home.  What a change-about and what an unsatisfactory change at that, but it is about all we can do with the workers we have.  So in December I’ll be moving to Mavuradonha.  I don’t know if it pleases me or not, but then we aren’t out here to please ourselves.  I shall be very busy until December.  The Brutons will be boarding with me all of the time so they won’t even unpack.

Well, I won’t need to buy so much in the way of food supplies as the situation is different at Mavuradonha.  They have gardens there and also fruit to some extent and then one can always order and it comes out on the bus.  It will not be nearly as hot there, either.  The heat has been bad in the valley.  What a change here in Salisbury – rainy and almost cold.  One just can’t imagine the great difference in temperature.

I got some more magazines the other day from you.  Thanks.  I haven’t opened them yet as I’m waiting until I get back home.  I’m so glad to hear that you both had such a good and enjoyable trip.  Take another one next year.  Go to Yellowstone with Ila or someone.  I’m anxious to hear about Leonard.  I do trust that he gets that church.

Well, I shall not ramble on more.  I’ll be alone in the valley for a short time.  Jacksons still have some of their things down at Msengedzi so I’m going home with them.  They will go to their station first and then through Mavuradonha and on down to Msengedzi.  The Brutons had a break-down with their car on the way in town last week so they have to wait until the part comes which they have ordered.

Well, I trust that this finds you all well.


Martin & Winifred (Wyn) Uppendahl Wedding

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