July 1951

July 31, 1951

Msengedzi July 31, 1951 Dear folks, We haven’t gotten the mail for two weeks now so I don’t have a recent letter from you.  I’m hoping that when we do get post that there will be one from you. Today the government school inspector was here so I’ve gone through the mill with him, so […]

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July 19, 1951

Msengedzi July 19, 1951 Dear folks, Your letter of July 2 came this week.  It was a little on the slow side but anyway it was good to get it.  What a letter it was telling about the drownings.  How sad about Edgar Mason.  My, that is hard to see a young Christian like that

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July 12, 1951

Msengedzi July 12, 1951 Dear folks, Russ is going into town Saturday and so I’ll send this letter with him.  I suppose that you will get it quickly.  Today the post came and my what a bunch of air-mails from my kin – nearly everyone but you.  One came from Don, believe it or not,

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