March 24, 1955

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Mavuradonha Mission
P.B. 16, Bindura
24th March, 1955

Dear Mom,

Thanks so much for the clippings, etc., which came in the last post.  I was glad to get them all.  I agree with you that the obituary was a bit short.  They didn’t go much into detail but I guess it really doesn’t matter but I do think there could have been a bit more to it.  The pictures came but I don’t think that they are too good, due to the fact that they are prints from the originals, I think.  Anyway it gave me a good idea of how the casket looked and also the flowers.  It was beautiful, that I can tell.  I’m glad that the wedding was so nice.  I enjoyed all the reading about it.  Their picture was nice, too.

Then, too, I’m very happy that you have decided to give that money for the chapel here.  I’ve told the others here that you were sending it in.  They would like to get it built now this year before the next rains but they aren’t sure if they will be able to do so or not, as there are several large buildings to be built.  However you’ll hear more later as to what is planned.  Moody is giving a considerable sum for Bible School buildings, etc., and they are to be built this year and then a large classroom is needed, etc., so just how much they’ll be able to get one this year remains to be seen.  We need the chapel badly so I know they’ll get it up as soon as they are able.

Well, it is quite a bit later in the evening now.  The Everswicks came down, and then Mary came up and then Lois came over and we got in a big con-flab about Conference plans.  We really have to get it all planned and for a big thing like that it takes lots of work and planning, especially when there is a shower and wedding thrown in.  Rev. Olson from the States will be with us the first days of our Conference.  He is of the Free Churches and it just happens that he will come at that time so we have him down as our special speaker the first days.  Jean and William’s wedding will be the last Saturday of Conference.  Lois and I have to bake the wedding cake on the Thursday before the wedding.  I guess it will be a chiffon one.  It will have to be a huge affair.

Evelyn wrote that she has been on a diet.  It would be nice if she could keep on for a while.  I’m still on mine.  Slow but sure seems to be the way it goes.  Tell Eve to use saccharine.  It really is handy.  I use it in my tea all the time and I always need it sweetened a little.

Well, I suppose it is beginning to get a bit warmer out your way.  Our weather seems to have broken and it isn’t nearly so hot now.  I believe that the real heat is gone for this season.  My petunias out in the rock circle in front of our house are still blooming beautifully.  Everything else all around is beginning to dry up.

Well, this will be all for this time.  I’m sure that the Lord will bless you for giving that big amount to His work.  It will be a lovely thing to have in Dad’s memory.  I’m sure that he is pleased, too, as he looks down from His place in glory.  At the school here we could never get money from the students for a chapel as they don’t have.

With much love,

P.S. I believe God will keep you in a special way now to finish paying off the debt on the farm.

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