June 24, 1955

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

24 June, 1955

Dear Mom,

Well, today is the day when we go to the Salvation Army School to play ball.  We are having school this morning and then we go at noon.  We want to leave very soon after we eat as we want to go on into Bindura to get some food supplies.  Bindura is about 20 miles from there.

I got a letter from you in the last post.  I was glad to hear from you.  I was sorry, too, that the marker wasn’t up for Memorial Day but perhaps by now it is, after your letter.  We are used to such things in Rhodesia.  The men get so mad sometimes at Rhodesian efficiency.  The attitude in the shops is “like it or lump it” – “take it or leave it” – “couldn’t care less” attitude.

I’m in a math class.  They are working problems so I’m trying to get this written.  I had a measuring spree on with them, measuring their height.  The tallest in this class is six feet one inch, and the shortest around five feet.  So you see they come tall and they come short.

Well, I had to stop.  Now I’ll try to finish.  We have had to dismiss our best out-school teacher because he has been accused of an affair with a girl in the community.  He has been the most outstanding teacher that we have ever had and so I certainly hate to have him leave, he is so energetic, etc.  That is a characteristic seldom found in an African.

Our football boys and the track team think that they are the cat’s meow with their uniforms and I must say it does make them look quite something.  Our colours are green and white.  They have the big “M” on their shirts.

I had a nice letter from Grace the other day.  She said that the boys save money for me.  I think that that is so, so nice of them.

We will have plenty of dust to eat today.  The roads are so bad now.  My hair always looks so beautiful when I arrive anywhere.  The dust finishes it, so to speak.

Well, I must go eat something, such as eggs, and get my things ready to go.  I’m finished with my classes.  News is scarce as usual, outside of our regular routines around here.  We are expecting the government school inspector on July 5th, so that is something to look forward to.  He is a new one.  I guess two will be coming.  I’m wondering if they will be checking up on me in a big way, being that I’m going over to the Teacher Training School.  Here’s hoping not.  I can teach but I don’t say that it will stand too much inspection.

I hope that it isn’t too hot these days and that you are feeling well.

Love to all,

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