June 8, 1955

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

8th June, 1955

Dear Mom,

Post is going out tomorrow so I shall try and get a few lines off to you again.  I was so glad to get your letter in the last post.  It was nice that Larry could go on that fishing trip and I suppose that he had a nice time, seeing new country and catching fish.  I would enjoy the trip myself.  It was too bad that you had to stay alone but then I guess you can take it.  It is nice that the others come around so often.

The dress that Ila sent has come and it looks so nice and fits well.  She certainly does good by me and I do appreciate the nice dresses.  I must write to her tonight.  The Austins are supposed to get into Salisbury about today or tomorrow, so one of these days I’ll get my shoes.  I’ll be thankful for those, too.  These stones round here are so hard on shoes.

Last Saturday, Mary, Marie, Lois, Pamela, and myself went on a little trip.  We went to Darwin as Marie had to get a paper signed before a notary public, and then we went over to the new station where I’m to go in December.  It is off of the road ten miles on this side of Darwin, about 24 miles – but they were a long 24 miles.  Anyway I got to see the place.

The Blooms are there and entertained us so royally, although they soon will be moving from there, going to a new place to work amongst the farmhands on a farm.  They hate to leave where they are.  The place is quite different from here.  The people are more prosperous and the country isn’t as pretty as around here.  Most primitive to say the least.  I mean the Mission Station itself.  Anyway now I know what it looks like.

There is a lovely river with fast flowing water in it and so soft, so different from the terrific hard water here.  Did I tell you that the water is now piped to the houses here and will be soon to the boys’ compound?  It has cost a lot but it is so necessary on this station.

Our school is going to play football with the Salvation Army School, 70 miles from here, on the 26th of this month, so we are planning to go there.  So that will be another unusual break, and then sometime next month we will have Field Committee meeting in town, so that means another week-end away.  Then in August holiday we go on our trip to the Union.  Roda is looking forward to my coming.  I’ll have to get a bit of money before then but I think that it will come.  We plan to go six in Marie’s car so it shouldn’t cost so much.  Then I guess that finishes my vacations until furlough.  I didn’t have one last year although I did go to town three times.  That makes a nice break.  I’ll miss Marie’s car at Kandeya, the new place.

We are not having it so cold thus far.  Most comfortable all the time.  Last year when Cabot Johnson was here, it was so cold.  I believe it was around the 19th.  Everything is going along quite well around here.  Today one of our precious cows suddenly died. We are so many now and so the milk is very little.

I don’t really know much in the way of news.

How are your chickens doing?  Have you had any to fry yet?  I suppose Larry still likes lots of nice cakes, etc., doesn’t he?  I still dream of the good ice cream.  That is one thing I’m looking forward to.  I hear they have a new kind now made with soy-bean oil instead of cream.  Have you had it?  They say it is real good and lots cheaper.  Is that so?  How are things at church?  How is the other church coming along?

Well, I believe that this will be all for now.  I’m getting a bit on the sleepy side but it isn’t too late for a change.

I don’t hear you say anything about the trip east.  Has that fallen through?

With love,

P.S. A woman, Mrs. Beighfu from Mason, sent me a birthday card the other day, air mail.

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