June 17, 1955

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Friday, 17th June, 1955

Dear Mom,

I’ll get this started down here at school.  Norman is going to Darwin today and so he will take the post and also get it.

We got a letter by a runner last night from the Blooms who are at the station where I am going.  They are to leave shortly there and go to another place.  The Cedarholms have been put there in their place.  Anyway this letter told a tragic story.  They have lots of men making bricks there and they have been wanting meat so badly, so the day before yesterday they came running to Merle saying that they saw kudu (large animals like cows) so Merle went down with his gun and shot one.  Then shortly someone came and said that he had shot a woman who was at the river getting water.  Evidently a shot went past the kudu and hit her, although he didn’t know that there were any people around.  The woman died.  She lived right near the Mission.  So they are feeling badly.  Norman is going over to talk to the people, etc.  They tried to rush her to a government clinic in Darwin but it was of no avail.  The police were out but I guess they understand and so no charges against Merle will be made, but nevertheless it was tragic and may leave its mark in that community.  Merle is wanting to sell his rifle now.

Next Friday we go to the Salvation Army Station near Bindura for our football game.  We expect to have a bit of fun.  We come back Saturday afternoon.

It has been quite cool these nights but it gets nice in the daytime.  I’ve been real busy these days giving tests, etc.  School has been in session over a month so I like to give them after that length of time, but the only ones that really count out here are the ones at the end of the term and they really don’t count for much.  It is the one at the end of the year that tells the tale.  I don’t like that system very well but I guess it works.

I’m wondering what our June days have been like.  It doesn’t seem possible that the month will soon be over.  How are the crops doing?  I hope that I get a letter this week from you.

Well, I must stop and tend to my business here.  I just put a test on the blackboard in history.

News is scarce around here.  A big event is just taking place – a bus is going by.  Maybe one will start running again.  One did try to for a few times but they gave it up.  We have been getting post O.K. once a week as usually one of the men has been coming through to get it, otherwise the school boys are glad to go for five shillings plus a visit to their home near-by.

Now I must stop and call this a letter.  I really know nothing in the way of news anyway.  I trust that this finds you well and not having it too hot.  Hi Larry – I suppose he is busy.

With love,

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