May 23, 1955

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

23rd May 1955

Dear Mom,

This will be one of those quick letters again as it is late and I’m tired.  I’ve been writing gobs of letters here as I’ve put out another prayer letter.  You know me and that job anyway.

Warren is going into Salisbury tomorrow so he can take the post with him.

Well, after a week at home, I’ve finally got to feeling normal again.  Last week I was so tired and that cold which I had about got me down, but now I’m feeling perk again.  I’m wondering how your hand is, etc.? Say, are you planning to go to Pennsylvania this year?  If not, why not?  I think that it would be nice for you.

We don’t have much news around here it seems.  Everybody busy and that’s that.  The Everswicks are in town.  They took their boys and Muriel back to school.  The Hendricksons are supposed to be coming out this week.  They have three little girls, the oldest one three years and the youngest just born before Conference.

Marie just came up with her letters and so she had to talk a little and here it is, later than ever.  What is the weather like these days?  How is Larry getting on with his work?  It is getting cool here now.  In fact, last week it was quite chilly at night.

Did the monument get up and also the urn and flowers?  I wish that you would send a picture of it but don’t make a special trip to do so.

We are back in the normal swing of things here on the station.  I don’t have the Bible School students’ wives this term as I don’t have time for them.  Lois has them now.

Well this will be all for now.  Perhaps my brain will function better in the morning and then I can add a bit.

Here it is in the morning.  The men are going to get supplies for the school, etc.

Did I tell you that my furlough is still for December ‘56 but don’t begin counting on that too much.  It can be changed if I have to stay on in Training School another year.  We can’t tell just how the school will go until we get into it.  Effie Byrd had planned to come home with me but now they shoved her furlough up to December of this year.  Also Marian W., so as it stands now, no one else will be going home when I go.

Well, I trust that this finds you well, as it leaves me.  Hi to Larry.


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