March 8, 1955

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

8th March, 1955

Dear Mom,

I was glad to get your letter of the 20th of February.  I suppose that by now you are looking for spring to descend upon you.  The blizzard days will be about over for this year.  I was surprised to hear that Jim was getting married so quickly.  I suppose that they are living happily ever after now.  I shall be interested to hear about the wedding, etc.

In regard to those shoes in case you haven’t the numbers anymore here they are again: 1195 1867 5251 8  … so maybe he is right about them being a size eight.  The kind they are is low-heeled Oxfords similar to Girl Scout shoes.  Tell him if he can get me saddle Oxfords that that would suit me fine – brown and white – two pairs, ordinary leather – no suede.  I think my shoes are only 3A now in width, not four.  Tell him my shoe is nearly eleven inches from toe to back of heel.  I don’t know why it says eight but it does.  It may be the make of shoe – I don’t know.  I hate to try and buy shoes this way.  Perhaps it would be better to get only one pair now and if they fit you can get me another later.  I need something for a good shoe, too, but I’ll see if I can’t get it in Salisbury.  I would like them as soon as possible so if no one is coming soon send them by post.  You may be able to send them with Donna Kahlstorf of Butte.  She should be coming and soon.  Scratch the shoes up on the bottoms so that they can’t be called new.

This is an outline of my foot or at least it is supposed to be.

The new missionaries arrived today.  They seem pleasant and nice.  He is supposed to be a teacher in our Teacher Training school.  The Brutons got home last Friday evening.  They were away nearly eight weeks.

The support came and the gifts from the various people who gave memorial gifts also came.  Should I write to each?  I don’t believe that I have the addresses of all, or don’t you think that it is necessary?  Let me know.  Who is William Love and where does he live?  Morrison Baptist Church I take to be Eve and Leonard’s.  Is that right?  Well, I guess those are the only ones I don’t know about.  It was a nice amount, wasn’t it?  I haven’t decided what I’ll do with it yet but maybe I’ll do like you said.  I can’t do anything with it just now as I need it for support until the rent comes out.  I lack $75 from Midwest as their December support got in too late.

Well, as usual it is getting late so I shall have to get to bed.  I’ll finish this tomorrow as post is not going until the following day.

The next night

It is now late and I’m dead tired so I hope that you’ll forgive me if I hurriedly bring this to a close.  We seem to be terribly rushed round here these days.  Well, I trust that you are well and I’ll try to do better the next time.

With love,

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