September 6, 1951

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

September 6, 1951
12 o’clock midnite

Dear folks,

This is some hour to begin a letter but it seems that when I’m here in town it is nigh on to impossible to get a letter written, but I’ll do it now as I’m leaving in a few hours – six o’clock – for the valley again.  I came in a week ago yesterday.

Did I tell you that Wyn is getting married the 20th of October and so it has been Helen’s and my work to get the wedding dress material, pattern, and also to get it started along the sewing route, so with my own usual town work of shopping I’ve been busy.  Yesterday afternoon I took off and went with Inga – she is in town, too – and the man of the house where she is visiting out on a boating trip and that was most pleasant.  The pattern we chose for Wyn’s dress is a Vogue one, no. S-4171, at least that is it’s number out here.  We got it in one of the shops.  It is very lovely.  I had it pinned on me tonite and did it ever look lovely, and we are getting it very reasonably, too.

A Miss Mason is coming out and she is a nurse and will be with me.  She won’t be along until October or November.  The Brutons are almost to Durban by now.  They, too, will be stationed at Msengedzi, and Russ and Margaret will be going to a new station beyond Mavuradonha called Rusambo.  It is fruit basket upset among most everyone but me.  I’m still staying on at Msengedzi.  The Dunkelds are supposed to be going out to Mavuradonha as soon as another new couple comes out.  We didn’t want to do all of this moving about and changing but with a shortage of workers we just had to do it.

I got a letter from you this week in which you say that you’ll be going south.  I’m very glad for you.  Make yourselves enjoy it.  Don’t try to rush too much.  Relax and enjoy all the new scenery, etc.  That’s the way I do it when traveling.

The wedding is for October 20th and we are planning to have it here in Salisbury in the Brethren Church at 12 o’clock noon.  I’m to be the bridesmaid.  Then following that we missionaries are going to a hotel for a wedding luncheon.  We are not giving a reception to anyone else.  I’ll be wearing the same dress as I did for Lillian’s.

As to what I’ve bought, I got four dining room chairs fairly reasonably second-hand and another chair fairly comfortable.  It is painted white, but I’m going to remove all of that white paint and I have some material to recover the cushions, and then I also got material for drapes which I’ll need now that Wyn takes hers!

The weather has been very nice and Saturday afternoon and most of the night it rained and quite hard, too.  Most unusual for this time of the year.  I’ve been away two weeks tomorrow from Msengedzi.  It seems lots longer.  We were quite a few days at Mavuradonha.  I think that I must have gotten more post from you.  Maybe it will be at Msengedzi when I get there.

Here it is 12:30 and Helen is sitting here sewing on that dress.  Well I think that I’ll have to wait until I get settled once more in the valley and then I’ll write a decent letter.

I trust that this finds you all well.  Tell Ila that I’m so glad that that cooker is coming with the Brutons.  I’ll soon have it, as it won’t be too long now before they will be here.

Love to all,

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