September 10, 1951

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

September 10, 1951

Dear folks,

Well, I’m back home now and I only wish that I had a few more free days before school begins.  Wednesday is the opening day of this last term of school for this year.  Did I tell you that the Jacksons are leaving Msengedzi next month?  The new missionaries, the Brutons (I met them) will be coming here.  They should be in South Africa by now.  A Miss Mason will be coming later as nurse here, so I’ll be with three new missionaries.  I’m not looking forward to it in a big way.

Perhaps by the time that this gets to Iowa you will already have left for the South.  I do wish you a most pleasant time.  I’ll be so anxious to hear all about it.  I trust that it won’t be too hot.

Today I did work around the house here.  I got a chair at a second-hand place in Salisbury and so I took off the paint and varnished it.  Now I have to cover the cushions and then it will be rather a nice chair.  Did I tell you that I got four dining room chairs at a second-hand place, too?  It is a good thing as Wyn has sent her table and chairs away already with Martin.  Then I canned 13 pints of carrots and also took inventory of the food stuff on hand as Wyn is going to board with me from now on.  And the Brutons also will board with me when they arrive until the Jacksons leave or until after the wedding.

Well, Larry and Jim your calves must be really tops – F.F.A.

I had a nice time with Inga, both at Mavuradonha and town.  She sends greetings to you all and, Larry, she’d like some popcorn.  Why not send some?  When Orval was here he got my radio in working order so now I’m enjoying lovely music.

The church is coming along here.  Russ is alone now working on it.  It is going to be big.  It is up above the windows now.  He wants to finish it before he leaves.  Brutons are going to be plunged into the work without a proper chance and of course I’ll have the language to teach again and school and dispensary and meetings.  Will I be busy?  You guess?  I’ve got that wedding dress to do, too, plus re-altering my own.  Everyone says that I shouldn’t lose a pound more.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had such a cool summer.  Your corn won’t be too good, will it?

I own two hens and they lay two eggs every day.  How’s that for African chickens?  Inga is going to give me some pullets and I’ll get started in the chicken business.

It is getting warmer now.  My roses are looking nice now and blooming lovely.  Also another flower that I’ve planted is beginning to bloom.

News seems scarce again.  A farmer is down here and is over at the Jacksons.  The police are down here, too.  They have come after a body.  There was a murder about nine miles from here and the murderer went up to Sipolilo and told the police himself.  A drunken brawl, I guess it was.

Well, I must not ramble on longer.  I have heard from Lois since she has gotten to her new place.  Also one from Evelyn.

I trust that this finds you all well.

Love to all,

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