August 25, 1951

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Msengedzi Mission
August 25, 1951

Dear folks,

Today we are up here at Mavuradonha and this morning there is no Field Committee meeting so I decided I’d better get a letter written to you as there won’t be too much time and then we won’t be sending post out this coming week.  Neither did we last week.

The Dunkelds came down to our place last Monday and stayed with us until we came up here yesterday.  Les and Orla were over too, helping to build the church, so we have seen a crowd for some time.  Everyone is here except Lillian and Marguerite.  I’ve had a nice visit with Inga.  She is going into Salisbury on Monday for a holiday.  My school closed Thursday and I have about three weeks off, too.  Helen wants me to go into town with her for a while but I don’t know how I’d get back to the station so I guess I won’t.  Lois got up this morning with chicken pox so now Thelma is worrying about Joyce getting them as they are going into Salisbury in two weeks to have Dale’s tonsils out.

Tell Lois that the binder came and it is very lovely.

Monday 27th

I didn’t get very far on Saturday with this but now I must finish.  Inga is going into town today for her holiday and she can take this with her.  She sends greetings to you all.  She will be leaving here at the end of the year and what she will do she doesn’t know yet.  I can’t seem to get my thoughts collected to write a decent letter so this will have to suffice until I get back home and have a chance to send post out again.  I didn’t hear from you the last time we got post but I suppose that there is a letter by now at Dawsons.  Our native store keeper went up that way this past week and will be returning this week and will bring the post.

Well, really, fall is about here.  I mean there with you.  Does it seem possible?  I hope that August has been a good month for the corn.  How did the oat crop turn out?  It won’t be long until the Blairs and Everswicks will be leaving.  I understand that the one new couple are on their way out by now.  We really need these new couples in quick order.  We are so very short workers.

Well I shall bring this to a close for now, and I’ll do better the next time.  Greetings to everyone.


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