September 29, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

29th September

Dear folks,

Your letter of the 7th came Saturday.  It was good to hear from you as it had been quite some time since I did.  I suppose the same applies to you in regard to letters from me.  I just seem to never settle down to letter writing, so now I got up at five o’clock and here I am at it.  I’ll be anxious to hear how your new preacher is coming along.  I surely hope that he can preach so that the people will be blessed and fed.  It is very hot now.  It must be terrible in the Valley as it is bad enough here.  It makes it hard for teaching in the afternoon.  We are building another school building here now and that is work.  We have so much work on this station that all of us don’t know if we are coming or going.

I had a bad O.B. case at the hospital Thursday so around nine o’clock at night Warren had to take her to the hospital in Bindura.  It was a good thing we did as she would have died otherwise and her relatives were very concerned.  My burn cases are still here, one since May I believe, but all are progressing, even if it is slowly.

Next year we put in another grade in this school and the way the applications are coming in, we’ll be filled up in every class, 34 in each, so will have a full house.  Mary Danielson goes home in January and Effie Byrd and a new girl who is supposed to get out from the States will be coming to help teach.  I’m not looking forward to it as it means training them and school teaching isn’t what it is at home; still it is teaching.  I enjoy it and hope they won’t move me away but I guess that won’t be for a while yet anyway.  I’m having some good Bible classes these days.

I’m enjoying my linoleum rug.  It does a lot for this room of mine and makes it easier to keep looking decent, too.

Yes, I know that you all must be kept busy.  I’m sorry to hear of your aches and pains in your neck and shoulder.  It is hard to keep going when one feels that way I’m sure.  I’m not as young as I once was myself and if I put in a full day of tearing around from one end to the other of this place and on my feet all of the time I’m just about ready to collapse myself.  Saturday I put in such a day and I thought that I was really getting some disease of some sort.  My whole body ached – my head and everything – even Sunday morning I still was feeling awful and didn’t even want to go to church but there was no one to teach my big class so I had to, and I confess the Lord gave me a blessed time in that class yesterday.

I’m anxious to hear what Harold and Till have and who are the rest.  Don’t arouse my curiosity like that.  Lois’ wedding picture came Saturday, too.  I imagine she has her hands full with teaching and a house.  I don’t know how she can do it.  My relatives are all getting bad at not writing letters but I suppose I’m to blame for not writing.  Yet there are some who have awed me for a long time.  Till has let me down, too.

Well, it is time to go and have devotions with the girls so I must stop my rambling.  If you haven’t sent the Christmas package here are a few things you can select from which I wouldn’t mind having – for your help as I know it is hard to fix a box when you don’t know – Plastic curtains two pairs (drapes in bright pretty colors) I want them for my dining room – ankle socks, shampoo, paper napkins, even candy bars.  Well, I haven’t time to rack my brain any longer on that subject.

You must be having nice fall weather now.

Greetings and love to all,

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