October 7, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

7th October

Dear folks,

I’m awful sleepy but maybe I can get this written.  I don’t know if the bus came tonight – no post has come anyway.  I’ve had my radio on so I wouldn’t hear if it did.  It seldom comes in.  It just stops at the driveway and we are quite some distance from the road.  Some of the school boys always go to meet it.

So you go to the football games?  That is nice. I’m sure your son does himself proud in the games.  I suppose that it is still a busy time on the farm with your fall work.  I hope that the weather is nice.  It has been a little cooler than past days.  In fact very comfortable.  In some places of Rhodesia they have had rain, so that is why the weather has cooled some.  I’m glad for all of the comfortable days that come along this time of the year.

Lois and Warren have gone to Salisbury for a quick trip.  He had to go in again for building material.

The next morning

I didn’t finish this last night and now it is about time for me to go to school.  I’ve been doing a little painting this morning.  It seems I never get a chance to do jobs like that.  A couple of school boys have been coming for an hour after school in the evenings to do some of those jobs but they don’t do it to my liking.  However I try to grin and bear.

Post didn’t come last night, so I will have to wait until Thursday now.  So Harold and Till have another boy.  How does Jenny Lee like him?  I suppose that you will be going up to the Missionary Conference in Mason City won’t you?  I’ve forgotten the dates.  There will be quite a few missionaries again this year.  Mary is getting herself all ready to go home.  It won’t be long anymore.  She’ll leave the first part of December.

Well, I know this isn’t worth a penny to send but anyway you can get the drift that I’m still around.  How is your porch furniture wearing?  I got to thinking about it the other day.  Have you had to get new linoleum?  How does the radio work?  Can you F.C. any better, that is any more stations?  By the time I come home you’ll be having T.C.

I trust that you are all O.K.  Greetings to all of the “hamas1Shona for relatives.”


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