September 16, 1952

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

16th September

Dear folks,

I’m back home – in fact I came last Friday and it is Tuesday night now.  I wrote a letter to you just before I left town but when I went to mail it I couldn’t find it so I must have lost it down town that day, so I doubt if you’ll ever get it.

I had a nice holiday, especially the two super-duper days at the Falls and the week in Bulawayo.  In Salisbury around that Home of ours there isn’t much of a place for rest or holiday.  However it is the cheapest place.  In case you didn’t get my other letter, I’ll repeat some things.  We stayed at the YWCA in Bulawayo.  They have some accommodations for missionaries and it is very nice.  The personnel are Christians and the whole place is quite different from a YWCA in the States.

I spent plenty of money on this, that, and the other and yet I came home with very little.  The shops are full of everything it seems.  In Bulawayo they seem nicer than Salisbury.  I even saw a super-market or self-service in one of the big shops.  That is the first of those that I’ve ever seen in this country.  I attended the fair, or show as it is called out here, in Bulawayo.  It was quite interesting.  They don’t have carnival stuff at these out here.  Just exhibits and the grand stand performance all for the gate price.  I heard some good sermons and some good singing while out, too.  A group of American missionaries under the Brethren of Christ Mission gave a musical night at the Baptist Church in Salisbury and it was very good.  Good American singing and familiar hymns, etc.  Their [illegible] and guitarist, etc., were very good.  Out here the hymns, etc., are all sung to different times than we know and not as pretty as ours.

I bought myself a linoleum rug for my room, nine by nine, and I’m very proud of it, as I’ve wanted it all of these years.  I waxed it good today.  I also got those bird pictures framed which I got out of Lois’ Ideals one time.  They look lovely.

I wanted to get you a Christmas present but honestly I couldn’t see a thing which I could send you which you couldn’t buy in the States or which I couldn’t have someone buy for me for you, so I didn’t send anything.  I hope that you understand.  I never did get any Christmas list made out for you to go buy.  Some little nick-nacks would be nice.  I am becoming a possessor of a small dining room and it is going to have a couple of nick-nack shelves in it in a place where a window used to be.  They are fixing up the old pantry as my dining room.  They put a window in it and now that is the lightest room I have.  The other rooms are so dark.

It is getting very hot now.  I suppose your heat will soon be finished and I don’t suppose that you are sorry.  Ila wrote about her vacation.  She seemed to enjoy herself.  I’m glad that she was able to help you with all of that work.  Lois sent me the wedding pictures.  It looks as if some of my nieces need to reduce a little.  Judy doesn’t look as cute as she did or is it just the picture?  How are all of you?  Did you thresh?  I never heard.


[p.s.] School starts tomorrow.  The bus rolled in tonight with a pile of school kids.  We were supposed to start today but the bus never came with the kids.

[p.p.s. on folded edge] (Glad to hear of new hair style)


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