September 25, 1951

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

September 25, 1951

Dear folks,

I’ve been thinking of you yesterday and today cruising along toward the South and also praying that you’ll have journey mercies plus an enjoyable time.  Be sure and tell me all about it.

I’m certainly enjoying the radio these days.  Salisbury has so much good music and I can get it so clearly.  We’ve heard some good stuff tonite.  I never cease to praise my radio.  It is such a good one.  I guess I’ll have to get new batteries before the rains but don’t know if I’ll need them just yet and I hate to buy them before they are needed.

Yes, tell the Chat-a-While I’d be most pleased with any amount of bandages which they can send.  Soon I’ll be back in the dispensary, but what hour of the day I can’t figure out.  Dispensary is large now, too.  We are expecting the Brutons any day now.  They are about out of bandages, but I still have some.

The church is coming along nicely, although Russell won’t be able to finish it before he leaves so I suppose it will have to be left until after the rains.  Tomorrow the Blairs leave the valley for Salisbury and from there to the Cape to get their boat.

News is scarce here it seems.  Sometimes there seems to be nothing to write about.

I’ll be interested to hear if the frost holds off long enough.  Don’t forget to tell me about your corn crop.  It is nice that there are plenty of apples.  It seems hard to realize that fall has come already to you.  Summer goes so quickly there, after being used to what we have here.

Did I tell you that I’m the owner of four chickens?  Two roosters and two hens, and the two roosters roost on the peak of my house and I can hear them as plain as if they were inside my house.  Very early in the morning they begin crowing and crowing and finally to move around and then finally to fly off for the day, only to return as it begins to get dark.  Often I hear them crowing in the middle of the night, too.  One of my hens is sitting on 11 eggs.  She had 12 to begin with but now she only has 11.  I think that the other one wants to set, too, so I’ll put eggs under her, too.  I want to get a few chickens started.

Well, as I said before I can’t think of much to write.  I think that this will have to be short this time.  It seems that my letters get there quickly nowadays.  Certainly different from what it was when I first came out here during the days of the war.

School is going along quite nicely.  I thought at first this term that there would be no one hardly in school, but one has to give them two weeks to return after a holiday.  They go to town or somewhere and the short holiday which they have doesn’t give them time to get back.

I trust that this finds you all well.


[p.s.] How is Eve managing the homestead?

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