September 18, 1951

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

September 18, 1951

Dear folks,

Today has been hot and very windy, dirt and dust everywhere.  Now this evening the wind has gone down and it isn’t so bad, but it is still hot.

The letter which I got the other day was dated August 31.  Soon, you’ll be on your way.  I guess I should have sent this to Gladys, but I already have it addressed.  They can send it on to you from home.  I trust that you’ll have a nice trip.  I’ll be looking for a letter after you get home, if not before.  The radio is so good tonight.  So the kids sold their calves.  I’d think that they would raise their next ones.  It would seem a better way to me.  How are the Howes?  I never hear from them.  I suppose she is kept busy.

This past week-end we were over at Blairs’ for the dedication of their new church.  It certainly looks nice.  I’ll send you a picture of it when I get it.  Wyn is getting married on the 27th of October so will have to go into town for that.  I have that dress to finish this week as well as to get my own wearable.

Blairs leave a week from tomorrow for Salisbury, and from there on to the boat at Cape Town, so they are getting all ajitter.  Say, please note as she has asked several times for those slides.  Look amongst those slides which I left at home and take out those that show their shack in which they lived while their house was being built, the one of her cooking place, and any others.  They are not good.  They are smoky-looking as the film was put in wrong or something.  Anyway take them and mail them to this address… you can wait until sometime in November:

Mrs. Orla Blair
1705 North Rutherford Avenue
Chicago 35

Try and not forget this.  Also, will you enclose the address of where I got those pictures in Kansas City?  Don’t forget please.  If you have one of those slips of information concerning the pictures send that.  Thanks heaps.  Also, will you ask Ila if she ever got those dollars which I sent her for those shoulder pads, and did she ever send them?  I don’t have time to write to her now so if you’ll ask her for me in your next letter I’ll appreciate that, too.

I haven’t been out to the villages for a long time now as one thing and another has kept me from it, sorry to say.  Then, too, the teacher returned from his holiday without his bicycle and my boy’s bicycle is broken so he cannot come with me, so I can’t go.  Well, work is piling up on me so much around here that I’ll not be able to do much away from the station anyway.  The Brutons should be on their way from Durban to Salisbury via their International ¾ ton truck, so perhaps week after next they will be down here.

I hope that frost stays away a long time for you.  I know how it is with the corn not ready.

I have a hen that wants to set and Russ gave me a dozen eggs to put under her so I’ll maybe have some little chickens one of these days even though this isn’t the proper time for chicks.  I’m looking for a bunch of magazines from you any day now.

Well, it is 10 o’clock and I’d like to write to Sentmans tonite so I guess I’d better stop.  Greet everyone for me and I’ll try and get a letter written soon to the family going.


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