September 10, 1952

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

10th September, 1952

Dear folks,

I’m sitting here in the park in Salisbury and I’m going to try and write a letter to you.  It seems as if I just can’t get letters written these days.  We returned from Bulawayo (where we stayed a week) this Monday and now on Friday I’m going back to the station.

Since Monday I’ve been shopping, etc.  Today I bought a Congolian rug for my room.  It is a tan color with a little leaf in it or something.  I wanted green but after tramping to all of the shops which have them I couldn’t find any green so I got the tan.  It cost £3.40 or perhaps around 12 to 15 dollars.  Anyway, I’ll be tickled to have it as I’m so tired of these cement floors which require constant polishing with a colored wax and when you don’t have someone to do it, the floor never looks very nice.  The shops in these towns out here seem to have just about everything.  I even saw a self-service grocery department in a store in Bulawayo.  I see deep-freezes in windows, too, but I suppose the price is even much more than in the States.  It will be three weeks this coming Friday since I left Mavuradonha and I’ve had no post in that time so it will be good to get my post.

It has been very nice to be away from the station and to relax.  The Jacksons have a new son so that makes them two boys and their oldest is a girl.  They are at the Home in Salisbury.  Wyn and Martin have gone back to their station.  There seems to be always a mob of people around that mission home.  We have had a missionary family here from a mission in Angola who had to leave there for awhile because of something to do with their permit into that colony so with our own and them, I call it the “Mad House.”  It certainly is no place to rest.  We stayed at the YWCA in Bulawayo while there.  That was a lovely place.

Later –

Well I’m in a rush around here tonight so I’ll not write much more.  I was going to get you something for a Christmas present and send it but it doesn’t seem like much sense to buy something in a shop which you can get over there, and so there just isn’t anything else it seems.  So I guess I’ll just have to skip it.

Well I must go and finish – I’m dead tired.  I’ll write again soon after I get home.  I trust that you are all well.

I had my teeth attended to.  He put in two more fillings.  I thought that I’d have more.  He didn’t give me anything, just drilled and digged away but it was not too bad.

Love to all,

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