August 28, 1952

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Victoria Falls
28th August, 1952

Dear folks,

Here I am enjoying a few lovely days at the Falls again.  We, Effie and I, left Salisbury Monday nite and arrived here Wednesday morning and we leave tomorrow again for Bulawayo where I’d like to spend next week.  We are staying in the hotel here at the Falls which is very, very nice but the price is really beyond us.  However, I’m enjoying it anyway.  The water is much lower in the river this time of the year than it was the time before when Inga and I were here in June ‘46, yet the Falls are very nice and worth seeing.

This hotel is full of visitors.  This morning we took (or rather went) on the launch trip up the river and we saw several hippos.  The river is a mile wide and I can’t blame the natives for calling it the sea.  Palm trees and low-hanging trees line the sides of the river and the islands are full of palm and other trees.  Lots of monkeys and baboons everywhere.  The place is just the same as it was when I was here before.

We want to spend next week in Bulawayo but we were able to get booking in a hotel which is quite expensive so perhaps we can’t stay so long.  The YWCA is a very nice place and is cheap but we can’t get rooms there.  However we are going to try again.

Those dresses and that housecoat which Ila sent arrived just in time for me to pick up as I was on my way into Salisbury.  Wasn’t that nice?  Those dresses fit to a “tee”.  I have one on now.  Ila does better than I do when I’m there to try them on. Both of these look very nice on me.

It is certainly good to get away from the station and have a good change.  I was so busy up until the moment we drove off.  I had several bad cases at the dispensary which I hated to leave in charge of others who weren’t too anxious for the job but I guess they will get along O.K.

It is very hot now.  Here at the Falls it is real hot but this hotel is cool.  It is marvelous that this large hotel should be sitting here in the bush along the railroad line.  In fact it belongs to the railroad.

There is nothing else here.  Then the bridge across the gorge below the Falls is a marvelous piece of work, too, when one considers where it is…. out in the blue…. as they say here.

Did I tell you that Wyn and Martin have a girl?  So now Wyn is head over heels with work, taking care of that youngster.  The Jacksons should have a new one by now, too.

Well I should sign off and get my walking shoes on.  We are going out now for a walk up along the river.  We each have a room here.  It was all we could get and the mattresses are air-foam or whatever they are called.  The food is super, too, so it is quite some holiday for me.  We’ll sleep on the train tomorrow night.  We slept on it two nights coming here.  They make a bed on the seat.  It cost 50¢ a night.  Not bad, eh?  I trust that you are all well.  I got a letter from you on my way to Salisbury.


Victoria Falls

First bend of river beyond bridge. When the river passes over the Falls and under the bridges, it flows a short distance and bends around this middle piece of land. We walked out to the very point of this. The sides are straight up and down.
Devil’s Cataract, Victoria Falls

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