October 19, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

October 19, 1952

Dear folks,

I don’t know when I’ll get this posted.  The bus has been broken down for two weeks or more and so we haven’t had any service.  However last week Lois and Warren had to go to town for building supplies and when they got home a week ago Saturday they had the post and three packages for me.  One from you and two from Ila.  Yours was the pot holders, etc., in.  Thanks heaps for everything in there.  I was just out of yeast – a half a package left only.  I enjoy the nice cinnamon and ice cream mix but you don’t need to send Kool-Aid as here we have lemons a good share of the year and the other part of the year I use a lemon and sugar mixture which I can up in bottles.  However, the Kool-Aid was most welcomed by Lillian.  They seem to be especially fond of it and use it here even with the lemons.  Ila sent some, too, so I kept some and gave the rest to Lillian.

Tell Pa thanks for the door hooks.  Ila sent plastic curtains and they are beautiful, but the ones I wanted for this room are so radically different than anything else which I have that I’d almost need to change the whole room in order to use them properly.  I don’t know what I’ll do yet.  Maybe I’ll get an inspiration during holiday at Christmas time.  Even the rug on my floor doesn’t fit in with the coloring.  Say, don’t bother to send me any plastic drapes if you haven’t already as I don’t think that I need to change what I have in my dining room.  My, that plastic stuff is certainly pretty.  I’m getting really sold on it for windows in this house.  The wind doesn’t bother here as it does in some houses.  Ila had cheese and crackers in her box and tonight we had some for supper.  Everyone thought that they were super.

This past week Warren, Les, and Lillian had to go back to town as when Warren and Lois were coming home last week the big truck broke down and they had to have it sent back to Bindura to a garage, so they have gone to fetch it and to bring a load of stuff also to make the trip pay.  They aren’t here yet and we are wondering why.  I suppose the parts aren’t available.

We’ve had two rains already, and our building is far from finished, so we are most concerned as to when it will get done with all of these interruptions.

School goes along quite well.  Sometimes I get exasperated with the boys and their questions and comments about spiritual things.  Today in class when we were discussing that man was made after God’s image, they couldn’t see how that could be when He is a spirit.  Then in trying to answer that I brought out the fact that man is not as an animal – his life doesn’t finish with the life here on earth only – but that man has a soul.  They didn’t agree.  You know the heathen believe that animals have spirits, etc., and that is what these boys were driving at in class.  They have all sorts of questions.  One wonders why they bring them up at times.  They have a real communistic spirit among them, too: they feel that white man is just out to get everything from them and they get nothing.  They feel things should be divided up.  Why should one person have money and the other not? They are very self-centered, too, in that they are only looking forward to the day when they can make big money at some pencil-pushing job.  Yet, with such, we are asking God to work in hearts and not only save but to give them a desire to do a work for Him amongst their own.  We believe that He has His hand on some.

Well, I guess I’ll go to bed.  I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow.  Just at present the hospital isn’t so heavy.  My radio is working good now since I had it fixed in Salisbury.  I trust that this finds you all well and I suppose the men are busy picking corn.  The pot holders are excellent.  Thanks so very much.


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