October 29, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

October 29, 1952

Dear folks,

We are having poor post service these days as the bus is broken down.  I haven’t gotten post for quite some time nor have we been able to send it out so now we are going to see if we can get it sent tomorrow.  Some days a truck or something will go by so there might be one tomorrow.

It is very windy tonight.  My house is full of leaves, dust, and dirt of all kinds.  It was a very hot afternoon or rather day, but late this afternoon it tried to rain and now it isn’t quite so hot.

I sure hate the ink which I have in this pen.  Effie had it.  It is supposed to be special Parker-21 ink but I don’t like the color nor the ink.

Yes, it does seem strange to hear you talking about football games.  I’m glad to know that you go to them.  You’ll know more about them than I do.  You should see the natives play football.  They like it.  In fact it is the only game which they do like.  Football out here is played with a round ball instead of an oval one and some other things about the game make it different.

As far as news goes, I know very little as I’ve gotten no post for so long.

Well, I suppose that you are having it quite snappy now as far as weather goes.

Next morning:

The above is certainly an inspired bit of writing.  It was the mood that I was in and I don’t seem much better off this morning.  Marguerite and Russ came yesterday and will be here awhile to help with building.  So we are quite a group of Europeans now.  Austins, Jacksons, Brutons, Mary, and myself.

So Everswick got out to your place.  I should write to them but there are lots of things which I should do.  Well, I guess I’ll have to get around and get some of these piles of dust swept out of this house.  It is terrific.

That plastic which you sent in the box will be useful for many things.  I’m getting to be quite a fiend on plastic.

How has the corn yielded?   What have you gotten in the way of fruits this past season?  Did the plums bear in the yard this year?

Well this isn’t worth a penny but I must get to work.  Anyway you’ll know that I’m still around.  When we get the post and I get your letters I can perhaps write soon afterward.


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