November 15, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission


Dear folks,

We got the post the other day and there were two letters from you in it so that was nice.  Yes, you really are getting your fall work done up quickly.  I am glad to hear that you have had such good crops.  I don’t suppose that the price of pork in the stores has gone down any, has it?  I hear that the meat prices are really awful in the States.

We have been having rainy weather with considerable rain.  It has begun early this year.  Our first rains last only a short time and then we have another dry spell for three or four weeks.  We hope that it won’t be more.

Did I write to you since Orval and Effie came here last week?  They have been here so we really are a crowd.  We have been having Field Committee meetings off and on all of the time so it keeps me very busy.  Effie is staying with me and so that makes a little extra, too.

However, since the rain has come all of my patients at the hospital have gone home.  Some of those burn cases were far from being healed but they wouldn’t stay any longer as the time had come for all hands to get busy in the fields.  I had a child die last night with what we decided was spinal meningitis (or however it is spelled).  They came with it a few days ago but it did not respond to the medicine.  That is my second death this year and both of them were from the same village eighteen miles from here.

It was nice that Norman stopped by.  He is quite a sane and level-headed man and has quite good judgment, as well as being a good missionary.  He is on the Field Committee and so is Orla.  My time expires this Conference time.  I don’t know if I will be back or not.

This rainy weather helps my hair a lot.  It really is quite curly.  Isn’t that something?

The bus hasn’t started to run again but I hear that it will be along in another week or so.  I miss it as we can’t order from the store and when one depends on such service it is a little inconvenient when it doesn’t come.

Mary is busy trying to get things packed so that she can leave the day school closes, which is the 11th of December.  Effie and the new girl will live in her house.  I guess I will continue on my own.

I don’t seem to have much news to write about.  It is about time for me to begin my first class of today.  We didn’t seem to have it nearly so bad this year before the rains as we usually have.  Of course here at Mavuradonha it is not the same as at Msengedzi.

I should be getting something planted in the garden but I don’t know if I’ll get much done or not.  It seems like it would be a good time to plant beans.  I never heard much about your garden so I suppose that it wasn’t too super.  You have those weeds which cause you so much trouble.

I guess that this will be all for now and perhaps before the bus gets on it’s way I can add something worthwhile.  At present th [typed letter stops here]

Well I’ll finish in a hurry as I have a chance to get this on its way.  I trust that you are all well and enjoying nice winterish/fallish weather.  Greetings to everyone.  I’ll try and write to my relations soon.  I’m so busy I just don’t get at it.


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