December 5, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

5th December

Dear folks,

When we finally got post this last time, I didn’t get a letter from you nor Ila.  I thought for sure that I’d hear from you.  Anyway you’ll be pleased to know and you can be sure I am, that your package has come.  Also Ila’s.  They seemed to have come quickly.  I also got one from Marguerite Blair’s aunt in Chicago.  So if I get nothing else I’ll have a nice Christmas.

School finishes soon now and Mary will be on her way.  It will be empty around here with all of the boarders gone.  I’m wondering if you got up to Evelyn’s for Christmas?  I hope so and that you enjoyed yourself.  I had a letter from Inga and she said that she had planted some of Larry’s popcorn and that it was growing good.  She says maybe she’ll come to visit me in January.  I hope she can.

Well, it doesn’t look as if I’ll get my redecorating done in my bedroom as there seems to be no lime for whitewash in town.  The Brutons may find some when they go in with Mary.

Well, I must get this finished.  It is 6:15 a.m. and I should get some work done today of one kind and another.  My examinations are all finished and the papers are marked.

We are trying to make a rockery out in front here.  We have no lack of rocks but I’m not very good on the proper arrangement of them.  However I think that it is coming along O.K.  I have two beautiful roses out now.  One a lovely red one and one a tea rose color.

The school girls are coming to clean my house this morning.  Once a week they clean it.  It will be the last now for this year.  I have a boy who says that he will work for me during the holiday so I hope that he does, as I want to do plenty of other things in order to get ready for school.  I’ll be glad when we get into the swing of things next year as with new missionaries it may not be easy.  The one teacher who is to come sounds very interesting in her letters and rather full of fun.  Effie is inclined to get despondent and is moody, so if we have someone carefree and humorous it would help.

The bus started to run again and now I feel connected to civilization.  Otherwise we have an awful time with post, etc.  Just this week the Brutons had to go after the post and they thought that it would be in Darwin and when they got there they found the two post bags which we had sent with someone just laying there and had never been sent on to Bindura so they had to go on to Bindura and take that post in and get what was there.  That is when they got all of my packages.

Well I guess this is it.  I hope that you are all fine.  I’ll write again to wish you a Merry Christmas.


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