March 2, 1955

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

2nd March 1955

Dear Mom and all,

I had hoped that post would come before I wrote this letter but so far it hasn’t.  We have been expecting the Brutons any day for about two weeks now.  What they are doing I can’t imagine.  Anyway, we are sending post out tomorrow.

I guess our lovely rains are finished now.  We are having it very hot these days but not unbearable.  The front of the house is looking nice because I’ve finally gotten a few flowers to grow and they do look so pretty.  It will be hard to keep them watered but we can try our best.  I’d like it looking like this for Conference.  I have petunias and small zinnias for the most part, and a row of marigolds.  We are making our plans for Conference.  There will be about 50 missionaries, I imagine, plus kids making it 75 or more.

My chickens that are left are doing well now and giving me plenty of eggs.  In fact they lay better than any others on the place.  They sing and cackle like they should.  How are yours?  Are you having any nice days yet?  It has been a while now since I heard from you so it will be good to get a letter.

Everything is buzzing along here in quite an orderly fashion.  I’m trying to get a garden started with this new crew of girls and most of them are a hopeless lot so I don’t know how I’ll get on with it.  They have not been to schools before where there have been European teachers and they don’t seem to know much.  Last year the groups I had were good workers and very good in gardening.

News isn’t very plentiful here it seems.  I reckon I’m acquiring some of your aches and pains.  I seem to get it off and on in my back.  A week or so ago, I had it so I could hardly sit, stand or lay.  It made it a bit difficult to walk in an upright way and when I’d sit down and then get up it was a job.  I have it a bit again today but not nearly so bad.  Does it come and go with you and when did you begin having such?  Perhaps you have forgotten.  Anyway, I can do as much as the next person yet.  It may be just a passing thing – I don’t know.

My radio is still working.  It will be a year in May since I got these batteries.  I think that that is real good.  I suppose you get tired of hearing me go on about how I enjoy it but anyway I certainly do.  I’ve been listening to DeHaan1 on Saturday nites.  The other programs like that are during the week and they don’t finish until 11 or near abouts and I find that a little too late to stay up when I have to get up and teach all day.

The next morning

Here it is time gone for letter writing and I haven’t written any.  How awful.  Well, I’ll bring this to a sudden close and no doubt when the next post goes out, I’ll have a letter of yours by then.

I’m on one of my famous diets again.  I certainly needed to get on one.  I had let myself go for so long.  It is hard  to get inspired to get on those things but I finally succeeded.

Well, this will be all for now.  Hi, Larry.  I sure enjoyed the popcorn.  I still have some left but it is just sitting now.  It is “hands-off” for me.


School in the garden

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