March 21, 1956

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

21st March, 1956

Dear Mom,

I’ll start this today.  Post won’t go out for a few days yet.

Well we are just experiencing a most unusual amount of rain for March.  Since yesterday morning we’ve gotten more rain than we did all of February and you know that I said that we got rain nearly every day then.  It is eight inches or more since yesterday.  The rivers are flooding the countryside.  The valley back here is full and is rushing like a mighty river where in normal times it is just lowland.  I’m afraid the people will have lost lots of crops and what a calamity that will be as it was just ripening.  We had three gardens started down at the river (near it).  They are now part of the river bed.  It has been pouring and pouring.

We are having Teacher Training school after a fashion, but of course not one village child has come for their school.  So I suppose they will have to have school on Saturday.  I imagine the roads are in ten times worse condition than they were.  I’m afraid it will be almost impossible for the folks of the valley to get out in time for Conference.  In fact it will be different for all of us as we always figure on March to begin drying the roads.  I imagine that after this it will turn cool and the rains will be over.

Thanks so much for all the information in your last letter.  I’m glad you answered my questions.  My, that picture certainly cost plenty.  I never dreamed that it would be so much.  I hope that it will arrive in good condition and not get bent up.  Yes, you must see it before it is sent out here.  I hope that you’ll be satisfied with it.  As to the shoes, if you haven’t ordered them yet, order something in a loafer of a current style either in brown or blonde colour, otherwise whatever you ordered will be O.K.  I will appreciate them.  I’ve been trying to save my others as much as possible but you can’t save much when you have to wear them day in and out.

I’ve been busy on the side getting out my prayer letter again.  So many personal letters to write but I can’t complain; I’ve received lots of gifts in money recently, too.  Of course those I turn into the general fund for the most part.  It needs all it can get, too.  I sent about 50 dollars to Mary Danielson the other day for the pulpit, and chairs for the church.  The chairs are for on the platform.  I don’t think they will come to that amount but the rest can always be used elsewhere.  Mrs. Howe wrote saying that they are sending me 50 dollars.  Don’t tell it around; she might not like for it to be spread about.  Anyway I appreciate that.  The Covenant groups from Charles City of late have sent me several gifts.  When I come home I’ll have to get additional support as it has gone up considerably.  The passage amount has increased, too.  Well, the Lord is faithful.  Some find it quite difficult.

Did you hear that Hosness and Gunderson of our Board gave us $10,000 for a hospital out here?  Isn’t that a gift?  I suppose “peanuts” to them.  Anyway, the question now is “where to build it?”  We also still need the doctor to go with it.

We still await news about the new arrivals in Salisbury of babies.  I hear that Lois Bruton is going to have a Cesarean the 29th of the month!  She lost twins once and then the baby last year, so I guess they figure it might help to take it this time.

I had a nice letter from Mary Richard.  I guess she must have her aches and pains, etc., when she is P.R. the way she wrote.

Well this will be all for now.

[March] 22nd

Here it is the night before post is to go, so I’ll finish this.  The rain seems to be finished now.  The water left my garden.  I see the beans are still there and maybe a bush of beets and one of onions.  The rest will have to be replanted I guess.

Well, I wrote to the whole family today with the prayer letters, regular post.  I didn’t say much in yours and Ila’s as I wrote so many of these to you.  It is a big job getting out the prayer letter and writing of those when I should.

I don’t really know of any more news.  I’ll be anxious to get post again this week but I doubt I’ll have a letter from you as I got yours last week.  Say, when you send those shoes, scuff up the soles good and declare them used and only mark them $2.50 or $3.00 in value.  When the value is high, the duty is high out here.  I sure wish you could send some good soda crackers along, but I know they break up so badly.  I just have a yen for some.  Remember don’t send more yeast until I tell you to.  I’ll let you know in time.  That which you sent by regular post hasn’t arrived yet but it will.

Well, I trust this finds you and Larry O.K.  Write when you can.  I had a nice letter from Janice.  I’ll have to answer that before long.  I sent to a store in Bindura and asked them to send me some suitable cloth for a dress.  I need something for Conference.  I wonder what the material will be like.  Are you getting any new spring clothes?


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