March 16, 1956

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

16th March, 1956

Dear Mom and Larry,

I thought I’d write his name, too, although I suppose he always reads them all anyway.  It is a bit late so I won’t tarry long at this just tonight.

I’ve worked all evening on my prayer letter.  I wrote fifteen letters the last couple of days and I still have about thirty yet to write.  A lot of them are the Otts so I’m going to do a carbon for all of them.  That way it will go a bit faster.  I always hate just to send the prayer letter without anything else in them to my relatives.  I did my own typing of my prayer letter this time.  My only trouble was the left-hand spacing was a bit too much for some reason.  Constructive criticism of my prayer letters would be welcomed.  I should have told you that long ago.

News is scarce.  Just the usual routine.  We get lots of fresh corn these days.  I had a good watermelon the other day, too… it was pink inside but very tasty.

I’m hoping to get a letter from you tomorrow as it has been quite some time now since I last heard.  Ila should have one for me, too.  I sure do look for your letters.  I know you must have a real job keeping your family up in letters.

How is everyone around?  Has spring thought about coming yet?  Our rains haven’t completely shut off yet.  We had a good heavy shower today.

Cliff is going to try to go to Darwin tomorrow.  He wants to get some things there.  Clarence Cedarholm will be coming home from Salisbury before too long we hope (we haven’t heard yet if the baby is born) so he’ll bring us some fresh meat and other things.

Well, I must wish you a very happy birthday as it isn’t far off.  How are your hands and knees?

Well, I just must get to bed.  I have to take this up to Ratzlaffs car yet, as he is leaving early in the morning.  I’ll write next week again.


P.S. A very Happy Birthday with many rich blessings from God.

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