March 1956 Circular

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

The Evangelical Alliance Mission
2839 West McLean Avenue
Chicago 47, Illinois

Chironga Mission Station
P.B. 5, Mt. Darwin
Southern Rhodesia, Africa
March, 1956

Dear Friends,

Greetings in Jesus’ name.  It has been quite some time since you have heard from this little spot in the bush of Africa.  Here are some news-briefs:

  1. Twenty-nine student-teachers are now being trained at Chironga.  They arrived the last week of January.
  2. All the buildings which were built last year here are being used, even though some are still lacking windows, needed furniture, paint, and the final touches.  We are thankful for them.
  3. Yonah, our youngest teacher training student, has been saved since he came to us.  With perhaps one or two exceptions, the students are Christians, many having been baptized.
  4. One hundred and sixty children also attend school on this station.  Their school is the model for the teacher training students.  They are taught by five African teachers.  Daily these children are instructed in the Word.  Many of them come from heathen homes.
  5. For the work here we are seven missionaries and two children.  A busy dispensary, villages for miles around us, and the school keep us all busy.
  6. An Evangelist is urgently needed for this area.  We are praying that soon one can be released for here.
  7. On Sundays, Carol Olson, two student-teachers, and myself pedal our bicycles to a village six miles away.  There we have Sunday School and Church with a small group of Christians who are very keen to grow in the knowledge of the Lord.  We are encouraging them to bring the others of the villages nearby to the meetings.  We want them to know the Saviour, too.
  8. Harvest-time is near.  The people are busy watching their ripening grain.  The birds and baboons would soon rob it all if they didn’t.  They keep them away by yelling and making frightening noises with tin cans and the like.
  9. Ahead lies the dry season.  We are expecting constant showers of blessings, though, in the work.

God bless you for your letters, your gifts, and your prayers.  What encouragement they give!  We are workers together.

Rejoicing in Him,
Eunice I. Ott

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