June 15, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

June 15, 1952

Dear folks,

I suppose today you have all been recuperating from the big event of yesterday.  I thought about all of you often.  I am very anxious to hear all about it so I hope that you write all of the details.  I’m wondering if my cable gram got there, too.  I thought I’d try it for fun.  Where did they go for their honeymoon, etc., etc.?  How long did Gladys and family stay?  I suppose that you went up to Evelyn’s last week-end.  I had a letter from her where she was looking forward to your coming, so I hope she wasn’t disappointed.  Well it would have been nice to have been with you but it is no use wishing that.

Things go along here more or less the same.  I’ve made several glasses, or bottles, of various sizes and shapes of marmalade (lemon and orange) and I also made some tomato preserve, believe it or not.  I put quite a lot of lemon in it and it is very good.  I want to make some more with some tomatoes I have here which I bought from a native.  I’m enjoying cabbage, radishes, onions, Swiss chard, and beans from my garden at the moment.  I get beets and eggplant from the Brutons so in the line of food stuff we are doing very well at present.  I get more eggs that we can use; also plenty of milk.

Thanks for the package which came in Friday’s post.  The yeast works swell.  I used some yesterday.  The corn pops excellent, too.  A mouse ate some of the chocolate bits but not all.  It seemed to have gotten in on the journey.  I ate quite a few of them, too, before I got them put away.  Aren’t I awful?  I made ice cream, too, yesterday and I had a lovely dish for dinner today.

One of our evangelists has gone “haywire.”  I mean he has fallen into sin and so at the end of the month he is leaving us.  He has been pastor of the church here and shortly before Conference I saw some things that made me wonder and during the time of Conference we saw some more and so we called him before the field committee together with another of our evangelists, but he denied our suspicions and now he comes and tells us he is quitting, so we pray that he is guilty.  Satan gets right into the best of them and they go off.  We need him so badly, too.  In fact he was supposed to go to the various stations on sort of an evangelistic tour.  Friday I preached here to the school boys.  I don’t especially like preaching to those big boys.  I’d much rather do village preaching as this is a man’s job.

My face is red. I received those bandages sometime ago and I thought that I had written.  I shall do so tonite.  Really, I’d appreciate them being sewed together, but then I guess one can’t say anything to them, so don’t.  I use these but if they were all I had I’d have to sew them as in so many cases long bandages are needed.  I’m using those yet which I brought out with me.

The Nescafe arrived O.K.  Thanks for everything.  I wish that I could send you something but I don’t know what it would be.

Well, I really don’t know of any news.  I trust that you are having good visits with all of your visitors.  Oh, yes, I’m pleased to hear about Steven Dean and I like the name.  I suppose Don is as proud as punch.

I don’t have a clue as to their address.  Well I guess I’ll write to Ila and maybe Eve too tonight.  How are the chickens, pigs, etc.?


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