June 1, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

June 1, 1952

Dear Everybody who are home,

I imagine that it includes quite a household.  Well, it will be nice to get a letter telling about everyone and also about the wedding.  I trust that the weather is favorable to a large household of people and also for the wedding day.

I didn’t get a letter this week from you, although I did get a nice one from Ila.  I’m glad that she got to meet the Everswicks, too.  I had to laugh at what she said about them.

I just finished writing to Inga and I’ve stacks more to write but I’m afraid that this will be my last one tonight which isn’t a good thing.  News seems scarce.  We are back in full swing again and so I’m well occuppied. (I know that is spelled wrong).  I haven’t time to look it up.

How are Gladys’ girls?  I suppose that they have grown a lot since you last saw them.

While I think of it, if you want to send me something sometime, send me some practical pot holders.  I never get around to make the things.  I see that I have a package now in the post office from the U.S. so it will come in the next post.  I hope the yeast is in it.  I can make a No. 1 bread with that yeast.  Mary gave me a package yesterday in return for one she borrowed a long time ago and I made some super bread with it.

My, it is cool these evenings.  The kitchen feels good with the door closed and a fire in the stove.  However I’m not in there now but I have made me some hot coffee – Nescafe.  That stuff I get rather tired of, but I continue to drink it.

Well, I do not know anything interesting to write about it seems.  I would appreciate letters from everyone though.  I’m wondering what Don and DeLores have in the way of a baby.  No one has written yet, saying.  Tillie keeps me quite well informed though.

I had a child die Friday evening at the Hospital.  They came the first of the week and I tried everything but it responded to nothing, and so it passed away Friday evening, and immediately the mother began to wail and cry and roll – what a commotion.  The father was a Christian and he was excellent.  Warren took them back to their village about 18 miles from here that same evening.  He got home around 10 p.m.

Well, the Lord bless you all and give you a happy time together.  Sorry I can’t be there, too.


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