June 25, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

25th June also 26th, 27th

Dear folks,

It has been some time since I last wrote.  I believe time goes by so quickly.  I received the letter last nite which you wrote while waiting for the Alabama car to arrive.  You failed to put a P.S. to say if it did or not so I suppose I shall have to wait a couple of more weeks to get that information.

One of my classes are writing their arithmetic problems and so I’m trying to do this before the post boy goes to the road with the post to wait for the bus.  I’m anxious to hear all about the visitors, the wedding, etc.  I’m glad that you had a nice trip up to Evelyn’s.  It is interesting to hear about all of the baked stuff you got ready and put in the day freeze.

Everything goes along about the same here.  Hospital is on the pick-up now.  I’ve several in-patients – all of them are from far away, some are coming in on the bus – and so you see I’m getting to be quite a doctor.  I have one very bad burn case on a foot; it is deep.  You can see the tendons, etc.

I do all of my housework, too, except what the school girls do which isn’t much.  I did have one coming in the evenings and washing the dishes, but she has resigned her job so I do my own.  It is difficult when one has a good full day’s work without house work.  Well, time is up for this class so I must stop for now.

Next day, same class.

They are again writing arithmetic so I’ll write more.  I intended to get this in the post yesterday but just didn’t.  Sometime when you send another package will you include in it a mop-head?  There are times when I could use it and I simply can’t get on my knees to wash a floor.  Also if you want to sew something, make me a few aprons out of material, not too light ones with a bib which covers quite a lot.  Of course I know that you probably don’t have much time these days for that.  I don’t either or I could do it myself.  It is only a suggestion – nothing urgent or anything of that sort.  I haven’t dyed the bedspread yet.  I don’t know when I’ll get to that.

It will soon be the fourth – what are you doing for that big occasion?  We have a holiday of two school days around the tenth.  We would like to go to the Zambezi River and camp a day or so, fun for a little change but don’t know if we will or not.  Probably not; that is the way our plans usually materialize.

This the 27th and here I am rushing to finish this to get it into the post.

I really don’t know of anything very exciting to write about.  This is in the morning just before I go to my classes.  I have a full day ahead as per usual, but more work at the hospital as I change all bandages today.  I do that every other day in most cases.

Well I trust that you are having nice summer weather and that the crops are coming along nicely.  Did they get their hay made?  My garden is so-so.  I’ve had lots of cabbage in.  Peas are coming on but it will be some time yet before they will be ready to eat.


Dispensary – A burn case
Campfire scene

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