June 1, 1951

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

1st June, 1951

Dear folks,

I really should be up in the office and busy at some work which I have there, but then I want this to go out in the post so I shall try and hurry with this.  I received the letter which you wrote May 10th.  I do hope that by now you are having some nice weather.  I hear that you had a nice Mother’s Day and that you were given some lovely things, thanks to Tillie.  I also received those three books from Ila.  What books they are and what a set I am getting.  I sure do like them.  It was interesting what you said about that man whom Grace was talking to at her church.  Small world isn’t it?

Russ came back from town but Wyn didn’t.  She is going to stay and help Helen some as she is due to enter the hospital for an operation as soon as there is room in the hospital.  So when Wyn gets home I don’t know.

I have some lovely roses here in my house; two blooms.  Those that that man gave me are blooming nicely off and on.

I see that it is getting late in the p.m. so I just must hurry along.

Did Evelyn get home?  Till didn’t say so, so I doubt if she did.  Yes, it would be nice if Leonard could get a church.  I’m sure that he is most dissatisfied with the present set-up.  How does your yard look?  I imagine that it is lovely and green.  I am supposed to be making watermelon pickle now.  I have it in the salt brine since yesterday p.m. so it should have been fixed today but I won’t get time until tomorrow which is Saturday.

I had a nice letter from Mr. Sentman this week.  He tells me that I am now an official member of the Missionary Evangelical Alliance.

You should see the white ants falling here on the table.  They come from the grass roof.  Sometimes they are very bad that way.

I’m sorry that you aren’t here to enjoy some nice oranges, etc., that Russ brought from town.  He got them quite cheap so it really is a joy to have them for a change.  He also got some beef on the way home at a native butcher and it is lovely, too.  Perhaps you’d enjoy a nice steak but not the way I fry them.  Inform my brothers that I still like raw meat.

So Larry is busy mowing.  Bless his heart I wish that I could help him.  How are the chickens?  I hope that not many died.

I had a nice letter from Mrs. Nelson this week and she was so pleased with the letter that I wrote to her about Lillian’s wedding.  It seems that Lillian didn’t write much.  She also sent me a lovely nylon slip.  That is one thing that no one needs to send me for Christmas this year as I don’t need them.  Isn’t it awful to be thinking of Christmas already?  Well really I’m not, but that just came to my mind.  Sorry for all of the mistakes as I’m in too much of a rush.

I’ll try and write again and tell Lois that this can be for her, too.  I got her letter this week, too.  So she is leaving you to teach Bible school in Kansas.  Well that will be nice but I know that you would have liked to have her at home.

Well I have a boy out here in the kitchen and I told him to make the fire and he has never been in my kitchen before and I hear all sorts of queer noises coming from there so I guess I’d better get out there quick.  Maybe he has set the house on fire.  Who can tell?

Love to all,

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