July 29, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

July 29, 1952

Dear folks,

This evening I got your letter of July 16th, the first that I’ve had for a while so I’ll get busy and answer it.

It will be nice if Evelyn can come to visit you and it is swell of Leonard to help paint the house.  I’m sure it is in need of it greatly.  Then it will be nice to have Ila after them.  I wish then I could come in for about six weeks and use all of your electrical equipment in the kitchen.  How do you enjoy the coffee pot?  The chicken-dressing idea sounds grand after the job is over and they are in the freezer.  No, I never got any box of bandages with pop corn in it.  I just received the one box sent by Kathryn.  I’ve never gotten the dresses sent by Ila yet.  It seems that it has been ages ago since she sent them.  As to the mop head, it is just a common one which I want, so it is O.K.  As to the holders, it makes no difference as to their looks.  I’ve a few fancy ones and it is just something to hold pans, etc., with which I want.  They get so black and dirty in no time flat here.  I’ll appreciate those screen door things when they come.  So Lois is teaching next year.  I had not heard.  I suppose she does get lonesome and wishes that you were nearer so that she could drop in off and on.

I got a letter from Thelma Everswick and I guess that there are lots of candidates for the Rhodesian Field.  The big question now is where are we going to put them all until they get the language.  Of course they aren’t here yet.

I now have a school boy who comes in the evening for a short while and he does my dish washing, etc., so that helps a lot.  He is a nice kid.  His father is a preacher in the Salvation Army and he himself has been, as he says, “born in the Salvation Army,” meaning they have always been affiliated with it.

I see that the time is fast going and I have some school lessons to prepare tonight yet.  It has been actually chilly today.  The temperature has been in the 60’s all day.  Saturday I thought our cool weather was gone for good.  It was very hot.

I have some nice nastriums1nasturtiums (I haven’t a clue as to how to spell it and I don’t see it in the dictionary) anyway some pretty flowers in my garden now.  They smell so nice, too.  How is your garden?  I’ll bet a weed patch by now, with all of the rain, etc.  That is one thing here that we’re not troubled with as much as you are – weeds.  I believe that I’ll leave this until morning and finish it then.

Next day:

The wind is blowing a terrific gale again this a.m.  It blows all night and all day now, it seems.  The dirt comes in the house terrifically.

There doesn’t seem to be any new news and I’ve much to do so I think that I shall not prolong this much more.  This week-end we have a big meeting with all of our out-schools coming in and all of the Christians of the district.  I have to get a children’s talk prepared so I’ve plenty to do besides.

I trust that you are all well and that you are not working too hard.


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