August 7, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

August 7, 1952

Dear folks,

Tonight when the post came, your letter of July 30th [came] so I feel as if I’ve had real fresh news from you.  I hope that it isn’t so hot now.  You really must be having African weather.  Anyway it is good for the corn.  I’d like to see it at its best like it is.

Also in tonight’s post was that package of bandages with the popcorn and the coffee.  That has been ages on the way, but it arrived in good condition.  I surely appreciate the bandages as I’ve some awful burn cases now and the bandages really go.  A new case came in on Sunday.  A young girl had fallen flat into the fire (I presume she must have had a fit, as I can imagine no other explanation for being in a fire so long) and her one hand and arm is in terrible shape.  Her other hand was burned badly but will heal O.K., also that arm.  On her other hand I’ve taken the skin off of all of the fingers and they are like they are frozen.  The whole hand is like that.  I reckon that she’ll lose it.  My foot case is still here and it is healing but it takes time.  She has come back and is staying at the hospital now.  Then I’ve other cases of various types.  At present several old men are sticking around for something to make them young again – sorta fussiness.

Next week we have exams and then on Friday of the next I’ll be off for Salisbury.  I had hoped, too, that those dresses had come as I need them.  I’m trying to make one, but I don’t get any time to sew.  I don’t know how I will get myself ready to go to town as all of my clothes need attention.  It is always a job I don’t like.

Thanks heaps for the popcorn and the coffee.  I appreciate both very much.  I use Nescafe all of the time and I get so tired of it.  The coffee which one can buy here is not roasted properly and it tastes awful, unless you are fortunate to get a pound that has been done properly.

Oh, I’ve forgotten to shut up my chickens.  It is 9:30 p.m.  I must go and do it right now.  I’m afraid something will get at them.  Well that is done.

That woman from Clarence’s former church sent me a box of handys and a little apron.  I haven’t heard from her for ages but along comes this little box.  Nice of her, don’t you think?

We had some money stolen out of the school office last week.  So after school in the afternoon we went down to the boys’ dormitory and had a searching party.  We searched all of the dormitories, the boys themselves, and all of their belongings.  We didn’t gain much by it.  They thought that we were looking for a book which was taken in my Standard IV class.  Our native teachers are good and they are still trying divers means of finding the guilty one or ones.

In the last post we had a letter from the Blairs and they said that they had had two lovely visits with you and enjoyed you both very much and that you have a lovely home where Christ is honoured.  Marguerite says that I look exactly like you, Mom.

You say it is time for Christmas suggestions.  I’ll make a list and then you can pass it around to whoever is interested.  But it won’t be in this letter.

A new Ideals came in this post.  I’m anxious to look at it.  I think I’ll go to bed now and do that for awhile before I blow out the light.  My Aladdins are both working swell.  I want to get new shades for them in town this time.  I used to make them, but I’ve lost interest and I don’t seem to have the time.

It certainly will be nice to have your house painted and it is nice of Leonard to do it or as much as he can.  Grace wrote about helping to clean those chickens.  They surely have had their share of tough experiences, haven’t they?  Grace must be plenty busy.  How is Till?  I haven’t heard from her for a long time.  I did write not so long ago though.  I find it hard to keep up my correspondence with all of my family.  I trust that you are well.


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