July 23, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

23rd July

Dear folks,

I’ve been hoping that the post would come this evening, but so far it hasn’t.  We can’t depend on the bus at all.  Sometimes they bring and more times they don’t.  So we just have to wait until they are so moved to do so.

I know of very little news – so it seems.  Things go on much as usual.

Is it still so hot?  I hope that it isn’t too bad, yet it will be nice for the corn, etc., if it is.  It really must be growing this year.  I hope that you have a good crop.

This is the next morning.  The bus came but he didn’t accommodate us with any post, so I’ll just scratch a few lines and send it anyway.

Time is flying, too.  I go to school at eight o’clock and teach until 9:30 then I go to the hospital and when I finish there, I go back to school and correct arithmetic (34 of them) and by that time it is 11:30, then I rush up and get something to eat and I usually have a little time then until 12:45 when I go back to school and I have classes until 2:30 then I correct more arithmetic and then it is around 3:30 to four.  I usually have to go to my garden which is quite a distance away and my house is always in a mess it seems and at 4:45 I go to the hospital again to treat school kids and whoever else comes, and it is around 5:30 or later till I’m finished there.  Then I come down and get my dinner, etc., etc.  I have to prepare all of my lessons in the evening and some of them require considerable time.

Next term I’ll have to spend more time on my Bible class.  They told me one day a bunch of questions which were bothering them and they wanted the answers to them, so I told them I’d devote next term, showing them what the Word had to say concerning them.  These boys can’t figure out why so many different groups of so-called Christians – Seventh Day Adventists, Catholics, Apostolics, etc. – which they are acquainted with.  A Catholic boy asked, “How can we know which is the truth?” and so it goes, even in dark Africa.  Times have changed.

I trust that this finds you all well and that Larry is keeping trim mowing the lawn.  You know, Larry, by exercising it doesn’t help a bit to lose weight.  It just gives you a bigger appetite.


Some of Eunice’s pupils
Some of Eunice’s pupils

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