January 30, 1954

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

January 30th, 1954

Dear folks,

I was so glad to hear from you but I’ve been slow to write as there has been so much to do, but post will go out tomorrow so I must get this written tonight even though it is late and I feel finished.

I was surprised to hear that Jim has to go overseas.  I didn’t realize that they sent them these days and especially new fellows.  Well, I know that it isn’t easy for you to see him go but you can be thankful that it is in time of peace.  I’m sure that he will experience interesting things and perhaps he will not mind it too much once he gets there.  I suppose that he has gone to New Jersey by now.  I had a good opportunity the other day to tell the class about how the American young men had to leave their homes and be trained for fighting and how the army is sending my brother to a far away country, etc.  They think that they are the only ones who do fighting when it comes to a war.  They figure that the white man puts them out on the front lines.  I shall be interested to hear again about Jim and the latest development.

School is in full swing.  We have 15 girls this year and 135+ boys, making a total of 151 or two or three; I don’t know exactly.  That makes our classes big and so there are lots of papers to correct everyday.  Mary is in the swing again, too.  She is busy in between trying to get her house the way she wants it.  She is fussy about her house.  Mine looks like a cyclone passes through it quite often.  I do try but it seems I don’t have enough time to keep it so so and anyway I guess it isn’t in my nature.

Tell Grace that her package came and I’m writing perhaps tomorrow.  It was a nice box.  I started right in using it.  The sweater I put away until I need it during the cool season and anyway I’m not wearing it around here.

We certainly have had much rain this year.  We are in need of some now again.

That picture of Grace and family is excellent, I think.  I can see them all so clearly.  I can’t think that that eldest girl is that big and she looks so cute.  The boys still look the same but bigger.  I thought that it was very nice of them all.

As to my birthday, I passed the 40 mark very quietly and I seem to be about the same as I was.  Chuck Pruitt’s birthday is the same day as mine so she baked a cake which we had that evening.  He was 33.  Warren’s was today.  He, too, is 33.  Lois had us there for tea this afternoon.  On Saturday afternoon we usually all come together somewhere for tea.  It is my turn I guess, soon.  It takes a mighty big cake for this gang now.  I usually double a receipt.

Well I guess this will be all for tonight.  I’ll try to write more quickly the next time.  I do trust that your winter is continuing to be a nice one and that you are getting along O.K.  I’m glad Pa is enjoying television.  Tell him I can hear E. Power Biggs1https://pipedreams.publicradio.org/articles/biographies/biggs/biggs_e-power.shtml out here but I don’t often as I can’t stay up until he comes on which is late, around 10:30.


P.S. I’m glad for what you wrote about Pa.  I feel better knowing.  May God bless you and give you the strength you need each day.  I’m praying for you.  E.O.

[P.P.S.] Tell Larry I still haven’t had a letter from him.  Is he a senior now?

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