February 13, 1954

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

13th February 1954

Dear folks,

I just realized as I wrote the above date that it is your wedding anniversary.  It is your 41st, isn’t it?  I haven’t heard from you since that letter you wrote about Jim having to go overseas, so I’ve never heard any more.  We haven’t had post for over a week so, no doubt, there will be a letter when that comes.  It is very late so I won’t be writing too much.  I’ve been busy and it just seems that I’m getting so hopeless at this letter writing job.

We have had quite a lot of rain this past week.  It is dripping outside now.  I enjoy it as there has been plenty of dry weather this rainy season.

School is on in full force and with such a large enrollment we have lots of papers, etc., to correct all the time and so that is where our time goes.

Mary finally discovered the white blouse Ila had given her for me.  It is lovely.  I was surprised to get it as Mary had forgotten that she had it.  I haven’t written to Ila yet, but I’ll try to do so this week.

I’m wondering where Jim is, if he has gone overseas, etc.  I’m wondering, too, how you all are there at home.  I shall be glad to hear.

Last nite we had some excitement.  Norman shot a leopard just in his yard.  The nite before a goat was taken, so Chuck and Emil got themselves perched up in a tree to wait for it to return.  They were near the goat kraal1Afrikaans for an enclosure for cattle or other livestock..  That is far from our houses and lo, while those fellows were perched up in the tree Norman just walks outside his house, sees the eyes and gets his gun and shoots it.  It took a while before they found it in the bush.  They had to be so careful, not knowing for sure if it was dead or not, but by and by they saw it dead as a doornail.  It was a pretty one, a lovely spotted skin.  A lion is around again at the same village where it was before.

This evening I popped a little corn.  I’ve been saving some which you sent a long time ago.  I just felt in the mood for some on this rainy evening.

Well, I must go to bed.  I hope Pa is feeling a little better.  I’m wondering too, what the weather is like.  Spring will soon be upon you.  Well, the Lord bless you.  Pray for the work here that we might have an outpouring of His Spirit in our midst, to the salvation of many of these students.

With much love,

A leopard killed in the yard.

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